Who had the best Mangekyou Sharingan skills



The Sharingan is a special eye (doujutsu), which is inherited in the Uchiha clan. Not everyone in the clan inherits this ability and you only notice it later, after good training and a high chakra, whether you have the Sharingan.

The Sharingan is not as perfect as the Byakugan because it requires a large amount of chakra and you don't see that much, but it has other advantages. With the Sharingan the user can use hypnosis, see through the opponent (even with quick attacks) and one can copy techniques. But not every copied technique can be performed if the ninja is physically unable to do so.

Secret of Sharingan, as explained by Zabuza:

The Sharingan can neither read the opponent's mind nor see into the future. It's just a trick that makes the opponent think he could. It is generally an eye technique that involves hypnosis and an attention to detail. By using those two skills together you can progress from copying the mind to copying the jutsu. It seems like a user of the Sharingan could see the future. First, copy the opponent's movements with this eye and thus make them doubt.

In addition, the Sharingan has another, stronger form, the Mangekyou Sharingan. The exact circumstances for obtaining this are still unclear, but it seems to depend on the amount of chakra and hard training. Itachi once said to Sasuke that you have to kill your best friend to get it, but Madara, his younger brother and Kakashi showed that you can do it without this act.

2-way sharingan
3-way sharingan

Sharingan techniques

If your own chakra is big enough and you have trained long enough, then you get the power of Mangekyou Sharingan. This is only reserved for a few members of the Uchiha clan, so that its power is shrouded in legend. However, this power also has a disadvantage, because if you use the Mangekyou too often you will eventually become blind and there is only one way to remedy this fact. As Zetsu has described, the techniques of Mangekyou are specified on the eyes. Itachi can use the strongest genjutsu, tsukuyomi, with his left eye and one of the strongest ninjutsu, amaterasu, with his right eye. Why Kakashi has a different technique is unclear, but since he had a left eye implanted, he should actually be able to master Tsukuyomi.

Kagiri Mangekyou

The Mangekyou Sharingan itself has an improved form, the Kagiri Mangekyou Sharingan. This can only arise when two Sharingan connect with each other and thus form a new Sharingan. The stronger the old Sharingan were, the stronger the connection, but one of those involved dies in this action. Likewise, not everyone can make this exchange, because only those whose eyes are powerful enough are capable of it. However, once the Kagiri Mangekyou has been created, it harbors incredible power and loses the disadvantage that you become blind if you use it too often, which makes the user seem almost invincible.

### Madaras Kagiri Mangekyou

Sharingan techniques

### hypnosis
?Kakashi, Sasuke, Itachi, Madara??
In hypnosis, the sharingan's points rotate and hypnotize the opponent. The hypnotized person is then easy to control, like a puppet, he acts according to the commands that are given to him. Only a few “people” can solve this hypnosis on their own because they do not even notice that they are hypnotized. When the person wakes up after hypnosis, they cannot remember anything that happened during that time.
### Providence
?Kakashi, Sasuke, Itachi, Obito??
With the Sharingan you can foresee the opponent's techniques and thus avoid them early. According to the Sharingan form, this ability is better or worse developed. With a twofold Sharingan, you can see the techniques and movements, but you can't always avoid them. With a triple Sharingan you can see even the smallest movements exactly and with the Mangekyou Sharingan you can already see what your opponent is up to when he has just started his movement.
### Copy
?Kakashi, Sasuke??
The most widely used Sharingan technique is copying opposing techniques. Through the Sharingan you can see and memorize every movement of your opponent, so that you can apply it after a while, even without any great training. With the strength of the Sharingan, this ability also increases, namely at the beginning one can only adopt relatively slow and simple techniques, but gradually more and more.
### Amaterasu - goddess of the sun
In this technique, Itachi uses his Mangekyou Sharingan to create black flames that supposedly burn for seven days and seven nights. They can destroy any material, no matter how firm it may be, but they weaken the user enormously and demand a large amount of chakra. Even the Sannin Jitaiya was impressed by this technique when Itachi used it in battle against him and Naruto, which is why he sealed the flames in a scroll.
### Tsukuyomi - goddess of the moon
With this technique, Itachi can pull his enemy into a gene jutsu that is free from the real world, that is, even if only seconds pass in the real world, it can be hours in this gene jutsu. Within this world, which is at the heart of the victim's soul, Itachi torments his victims by showing them painful memories or attacking them repeatedly, over and over again. Since the victims do not die in this illusory world, but can still feel pain, it is a nightmare for them. Should the victim survive this strong emotional pressure, he will still fall into a comatose state.
### Susanoo - God of the storm
Susanoo, the third technique of Mangekyou Sharingan, was first used by Itachi in the fight against Sasuke. It is created through a connection between Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu and is thus a mixture of Gen- and Ninjutsu. A great warrior appears at Susanoo, who uses the sword of Totsuka to attack. This sword can banish everything it impales to another dimension, where it is then tormented in an eternal genjutsu. Another weapon is Yata's mirror, which can repel or reflect any attack.
### Exchange of dimensions

(Kakashi's technique) | | | ? | Kakashi | ? | ? | | Three properties are ascribed to the Mangekyou Sharingan, namely the power of destruction, the power of time and the power of space. Because Amaterasu has the power of destruction, because the flames of this technique can destroy everything, and Tsukuyomi has the power of time, because within just one second it can torment the victim for several days in another dimension, hidden in his soul. The third technique is therefore this and has the power of space. Kakashi used it in the fight against Deidara, where he first made his arm and then his entire body, even if it was only a doppelganger, disappear in a kind of "black hole". As it turned out later, however, this black hole was not a gateway to another world or dimension, as Deidara's arm reappeared a few meters away. |