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When LD Thompson was just 24 years old, a mysterious stranger appeared to him who was to become his spiritual teacher and guide: the being Solano. LD Thompson has been receiving messages from Solano for around 30 years, and angel medium Sabrina Fox is also inspired by his wisdom. The former journalist and television presenter will be at this year's International Angel Congress in Basel, as will LD Thompson, with whom she has been friends for many years. In June both of them will give an evening seminar together in Hamburg. In an interview, Sabrina Fox spoke to LD Thompson about his encounter with Solano and the essence of his teachings.

LD, we've known each other for 25 years. You are a filmmaker and civil and human rights activist. And you are channeling an entity called Solano. Would you please explain who Solano is?

One evening I went to the supermarket to do some shopping. And then I noticed a man of Indian origin near me and that he was constantly looking at me. When I realized that he was everywhere I was, I began to feel a little uncomfortable. He was standing right behind me at the checkout, which made me really nervous! I paid, practically ran to my car and quickly put the key in the lock on the driver's side. When I looked up, he was standing ... by the passenger door. That made me even more nervous! But he just said, "Can I talk to you?"

I was pretty tough at the time and replied, "Sure, what's up?" He said, "You called me and I came to tell you about your life." I didn't expect that at all! And it touched me deeply.

He started telling me things that I hadn't even told my closest friends about. So of course he had my full attention! He asked if he could sit in my car and we sat there for three hours. He taught me the essential principles of the "science of thought" according to which man creates his life.

I hadn't read a book on metaphysics and esotericism, nor did I have any friends who had anything to do with spirituality or metaphysics. At one point in the conversation I was just overwhelmed by what he was telling me. He said, "You are responsible for your life. For how it has gone so far."

I was unemployed at the time and was only getting $ 79 a week. I could hardly afford my apartment and my food. So what he told me really blew me away. I said: "I don't understand anything!" He said, "Trust me." He touched me, and I, who was already so nervous, freaked out. He touched my body and later I found out that he touched every chakra. Finally he held my head in his hands and as he did that I felt explosions of light in my head. When I finally opened my eyes again and let my gaze wander over the parking lot of the supermarket, I saw everything with completely different eyes. There was a woman who went to her car with her two children and stowed her purchases in the trunk. It was like I could see what thoughts and beliefs were around her that made her life what it was.

At the end he said to me: "You can call me anytime and I'll be there." He got out of the car and while I watched him go, he disappeared. It just vanished into thin air.

Of course, I couldn't wait to tell all my friends about it. And the first ones I told it to looked at me, a little stunned, and changed the subject.

Did they suggest you go to the doctor?

I guess that's what they had in mind ... But I knew very well that my life had changed. I felt a responsibility that I had never assumed before. A responsibility for my thoughts and my actions. Before that, my life had been focused on financial success and just focused on myself. Now I knew I had a job in this world and that was a spiritual job.

And a few years later you wrote a book that has now also been published in German: "What the soul sees". In this book you share with us the most important teachings of Solano.


Solano has also been my teacher for over 20 years and I appreciate the value and wisdom of his teaching. How would you formulate the quintessence of his teachings?

I would say the most important of Solano's teachings is that each and every one of us is immortal, an immortal soul endowed with divine intelligence. And that this infinite intelligence does not just meander wildly through our lives, but is guided by our passion for wisdom. And I don't mean read-in knowledge, but wisdom. And when we attain this wisdom, we unite with the infinite intelligence or "God" or the "divine source" or however each individual in his thought structure formulates the "more", the cosmos.

Solano teaches us to observe ourselves. That means taking a step back and looking at your own life as if you were watching a movie. Why do you think Solano wants to teach us this?

The way I understand it - and I'm still learning - he says we are often caught up in what he calls our "externally influenced me" or our "limited selves". This "limited self" speaks to us about our fears, our insecurities, our feelings of guilt and shame. It is the conditioned self.

It wants to adapt, not seem strange, not fall out of place.

Exactly. In contrast to the "divine self" or the "soul". The values ​​of the soul are compassion, love, generosity, freedom from fear and the understanding that we are immortal. These two forms of the ego sometimes fight with each other. You want to be a better person, you want to live a beautiful, peaceful life, be generous and kind, and love unconditionally. But the fearful self, the "limited self" keeps you from it.

The observer within us, the ability to objectively observe our own emotional state and the thoughts that evoke this emotional state - this is the first step towards the ability to take on the perspective of our own soul.

But you have to work on yourself! It's nice to read and hear about it, but unfortunately that's not enough. You have to do it yourself

Yes. It was actually one of the most important things I learned in my life.

You have been with Solano for over 30 years now. Why are you only now opening up to a larger audience with it?

I didn't want to be overrun. People who get to know Solano, who notice how I enter the state of trance in which this wonderful energy flows through with me, are so moved by it that they often only concentrate on it. I didn't want to lose myself. I have seen some spiritual teachers who at one point were all about them. They began to think of themselves as special. But I know I'm nothing special.

Some people would rather have someone stand on a pedestal and tell them that they will soon be able to walk on the water. And if that doesn't work out, they're mad. But Solano doesn't want that.
And neither are you.

No, no walking on the water! But swimming is great.

Thank you, LD! I think our listeners and readers got a glimpse of your personality and your heart.

Source: KGS Hamburg Magazin (05/2014)