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Naruto Shippūden - Episode 463: Arrival in Paradise?

Title:Arrival in paradise?
First broadcast:January 13, 2013
Kanji:上 陸!楽 園 の 島?
Rōmaji:Jōriku! Rakuen no Shima?
Translation:Landing! The paradise island?
First broadcast:January 5, 2012
New characters:King
New Jutsu:No

At the beginning of the episode, Tsunade tells Shikaku that Naruto will soon arrive at the island. The RaikageA did not reveal the exact location of the island, but it should be a suitable place to hide someone. Shikaku adds that Naruto would rush to the battlefield as soon as he learns that the war has already started. Tsunade replies that she told Naruto that he was sent on a Class S mission. At the same time, Naruto is looking for an octopus in the sea. When Yamato asks why he is looking for an octopus, Naruto replies that, according to Ōgamasennin's prophecy, an octopus would help him on a secluded paradise island. Then the captain tells the passengers to prepare for landing. Naruto already sees the island and finds that the island's coast is covered with skeletons and dead animals. The captain compares the island to the death forest in Konoha, with the exception that the island is more extreme. He also mentions that you are safe from all the animals on the island as long as you don't provoke them, except for a specific one. An octopus attacks the ship and Naruto thinks that the octopus is supposed to help him.

But when the squid captures Naruto, Hachibi appears and drives the squid away. Thus Naruto is saved and the captain is relieved, since Killer B has come. Motoi now greets the arriving passengers and leads them to their rooms. They meet the troubled King, whom Killer B can calm down. Motoi mentions that Killer B is at the forefront of all the animals on the island and they are safe as long as Killer B is with them. In addition, the island is protected with a barrier that ninja from Kumogakure maintain. So you know immediately when someone is approaching the island. Then he tells the Konoha-Nin that Killer B is the hero Kumogakure and the jinchūriki of the Hachibi he has under control. After Motoi has assigned everyone to their rooms, Naruto goes to Killer B's room and wants him to train him to control Kyūbi. Killer B refuses, however, because his brother A sent him here on vacation. Naruto B then raps something and he seems to like it. Then Naruto and Killer B greet each other with a punch and Naruto continues rapping what Killer B attacks. Then Naruto uses Harem no Jutsu and tries to convince B. But Killer B leaves it cold and he goes back to his room. A little later, Naruto knocks on Motoi's door and complains about B.

Motoi gets angry and says that Naruto should know what life is like for the Jinchūriki. Motoi wants to know if Naruto B introduced himself. Naruto replies that they punched a fist, whereupon Motoi leads Naruto, accompanied by Yamato, to the Waterfall of Truth. Naruto should now sit in the middle of the pond at the waterfall and concentrate so that he can see who he really is.

The Dark Naruto appears

A little later, Naruto hears a voice coming from inside the waterfall. The dark side of Naruto appears and says that the citizens of Konoha are loathsome as they used to treat Naruto like dirt and now treat him well after Pain's attack. Then Naruto recalls when a couple of shinobi wanted their children's autographs in rebuilt Ichiraku. When asked who this boy from the waterfall is, Naruto replies that he is who he is, who lives deep inside him. The Dark Naruto immediately realizes that they are on the Waterfall of Truth and says that he never thought he would get out someday. Then he replies again that he is Naruto's true side, except that Kyūbi likes the dark side. Now the dark side attacks the real Naruto and there is an exchange of blows. At the same time, Killer B fights with Kintoki and defeats him. Immediately afterwards, Hachibi advises B that he should train Naruto. Hachibi used to be a wild bijū too, but Killer B changed Hachibi, which is why Hachibi believes the same can happen to Naruto and Kyūbi. Meanwhile, at the Waterfall of Truth, Naruto continues to fight his dark side, but the latter uses the same techniques with the same strength as Naruto. Then Naruto returns to consciousness and reports the events to Yamato and Motoi. Motoi replies that Naruto must defeat the dark side in order to control his biju.

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