Should I join CDAC?

Harrie de Kruijff

The Dental Council of India decided to hold the “Centenary Celebration of Dental Education in India” to celebrate the memories of Dr. To immortalize R. Ahmed, father of dentistry in India who founded the first Dental Institute in the country, currently known as Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Kolkata (Govt. Dental College, Kolkata, West Bengal), on December 24th, 2019 on the birthday of Dr. R. The graduation ceremony of the aforementioned function will be celebrated on December 24th, 2020. In addition, the Council also decided under: - 1.

A postage stamp would appear on this historic occasion. 2. A yearbook on 100 years of dentistry would be published, covering the history of dentistry and with landmark events, occasions as well as ancient relics paving the way to modern dentistry in the country. 3. The Dr. R. Ahmed Award goes to Eminent Dental Researcher / Teacher / Socio-Dental Professional in the series of Dr. B.C. Roy Award presented. 4. During the celebrations (2019-2020), various programs to raise awareness of oral health in the country will be carried out by dentists and state dentists throughout the country.

Sample of reported job titles: Associate Dentist, Dental Surgery Doctor (DDS), Dentist, Dentist / Owner, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Family Dentist, General Dentist, General Dentist / Owner, Pediatric Dentist The specialist lists are lists of registered dentists who meet certain conditions and are entitled to use a specialist title. You don't have to join a specialist list to practice any particular specialty, but you can only use the title “specialist” if you are on that list. Next, the survey team will submit a report to CDAC, which will be reviewed at its annual meeting. CDAC then determines the program or service's eligibility for accreditation. Programs and services that meet or exceed the requirements of CDAC are granted accredited status. The GDC is responsible for approving all curricula for training and further education in specialist dentistry. The content of the curriculum itself is developed by specialist advisory committees that report to the appropriate dental faculties at the Royal Colleges. If you have completed a GDC-recognized specialist training program and received a CCST in Restorative Dentistry prior to 2009 according to the curriculum, you can also apply for a CCST and submit your own application in one or more of the previous mono specialties - endodontics, periodontics and prosthetics put. For more information, see our Policy Statement on Restorative Dentistry. Increase your knowledge by competing with international peers at IADS meetings. If you are passionate about research, the lecture contest should be your goal to assess your presentation skills.