Did you get a dog

Buy a dog: 10 questions before buying a dog

9. Order and cleanliness

Can I cope with clutter, dirt and smells?

Throwing your hands over your head is useless - dogs love rolling around in mud, leaves, or worse. Cleaning dog paws and floors is the order of the day, especially in bad weather.

You can also prepare for hairy times with most dog breeds - especially during the coat change time (spring & autumn).

Puppies and young dogs, as well as bored dogs, can have a tendency to nibble on furniture or chew on shoes. Many four-legged friends also like to redecorate their home by transporting loose objects from A to B. If you miss a sock - take a look in the dog basket.

When you step into a puddle in the morning when you get up or when you get watery eyes from various aromas, you know that your dog is not house trained yet.

Undigested bits of bones or food tend to be pulled out again on the fluffy carpet.

Males and protesting dogs could also mark your walls or upholstered furniture.

Before you grow your four-legged friend, think carefully about whether you will be able to cope with these changes in your household.

Our tip: Talk to other dog owners or dog trainers who have many years of experience in dog ownership. They can tell you about their everyday life, share experiences and give you tips on how to overcome these small hurdles in everyday life with a dog.