What is AccuWeather

AccuWeather: Huge fuss about the weather app

The AccuWeather app apparently collects the data of its users without permission.

It's that simple: One look at the weather app on your smartphone is enough to tell you whether it will stay nice, whether it will rain soon or whether the world will end in the next few hours. One of the most popular uses in this area is AccuWeather, from the company of the same name. However, the US technology expert Will Strafachnun found out that AccuWeather sends the data of its iPhone users to its partner Reveal Mobile even if users had explicitly rejected it beforehand. But that's not all.

AccuWeather: If necessary, the WLAN helps

The app goes even further and collects information, even if the smartphone owner has completely deactivated the transfer of location data and, for example, Google Maps no longer works. To do this, AccuWeather simply collects data from the WiFi router to which the smartphone is connected. This includes the name of the router and the MAC address (hardware address of a network adapter). The exact location cannot be determined in this way, but at least a rough area in which the user is currently located. AccuWeather has already commented on the allegations in a press release and praised improvement.

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