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More about how we work as a link building agency

When implementing organic link building measures, you have to pay attention to various points. It is not the sheer number of placed external links that is important, but the quality. Therefore we work according to the following principles:

  • Link building - individual concepts for different customers

Our link building measures are geared specifically towards your offer and the individual market environment. The search for link sources takes place specifically in your topic-relevant environment and using your keywords. The choice of the link sources and the link setting is made depending on the market environment and the existing backlink profile of your domain.


  • Increase in link and domain popularity with a view to Pinguin

In our link building strategies, we pay attention to organic growth in the number of backlinks and the quality of the links as well as a natural use of anchor texts in order to prevent penalties from Google penguin updates.


  • Permanent backlinks without dependencies and link rental

We do not generate links through link networks that create dependency on us. Backlinks that have been generated will not be removed by us after the collaboration has ended.


  • Transparent link building including reporting and performance measurement

Our customers receive monthly reports on the links and landing pages we have set. If you are interested, we will send you a reporting example on request.


Link building according to the current Google updates

We operate the link building taking into account current algorithm updates, especially the penguin update series. Due to the constantly changing circumstances, we cannot accept any liability for any ranking losses, but we are prepared to carry out significant ranking losses through any measures such as backlink profile analyzes and disavow requests for links set by us at our own expense. We are not responsible for links placed by you or by third parties.


Criteria for our link building

When working with us as a link building agency, it is important that webmasters want to work with us and also work with us to achieve link growth.

Result-oriented link building without risk of penalty

When building links, we forego tactics that have now turned out to be not result-oriented or even dangerous, such as backlink building via article directories. Certain industries or subject-related directories should not be excluded from link building across the board.

When building links, we pay attention to the discreet use of hard anchor texts or link texts. In addition, we only link meaningful link targets such as editorial contributions. Only if the linking of commercial sub-pages makes sense or the keywords have transaction-oriented search intent, we also link commercial offer pages directly. In this way we achieve a naturalness of the links that can hardly be refuted algorithmically and also humanely.

When establishing links, we completely dispense with links from link networks and publisher networks such as Efamous, Telliad or Rankseller.

Our individual link source research and personal communication with webmasters and editors significantly reduce the risk of not knowingly obtaining links from link networks.


Increase in link popularity and domain popularity via organic link building

In our link building strategies, we pay attention to organic link growth, the number of backlinks and the quality of the links. Aufgesang develops individual link building strategies for each customer project to increase link popularity and domain popularity. The following criteria are also important:

  • Dofollow links
  • Topic relevant link environments
  • Links that bring visitors too
  • No reciprocal links via link exchange
  • Only conditionally hard link texts


Sustainable backlinks without dependencies

We do not generate links via link networks that create dependency on us and can easily be recognized by Google. Backlinks that have been generated will not be deliberately removed by us after the end of the collaboration.


Transparent link building including reporting & success measurement

Part of our Linbuilding Services are extensive monthly reports on ranking changes of selected keywords, as well as regular reporting on the visibility of the entire domain and certain target pages or topics. In addition, our customers receive monthly reports on the links and target pages we have set.


Ranking advantages through natural backlink profile

With our link building packagesBasic link building and Premium backlink structure we create a natural link structure for our customers, which leads to sustainable and stable rankings regardless of the algorithm changes made by the search engine operators. In addition, thanks to our many years of PR experience, we can achieve positive effects for the reputation of your brand.


Backlink building through professional PR work

Thanks to the close cooperation with our sister agency Aufgesang Public Relations, we are able to create high-quality backlinks through professional PR work. The existing contact network to thousands of journalists, bloggers, etc., segmented according to subject areas, allows us to do targeted PR work far away from standard press releases and to ensure reputation and high-quality links. The possibility of using these synergies between SEO and PR is our unique selling point.

Link building via linkbaits

Backlink building through Content marketing in cooperation with our PR department, e.g. via the publication of guides, interviews, configurators, videos, e-books, studies etc. including content seeding are not included in this offer module. We understand content marketing campaigns like linkbaits, even if there is a special focus on link building as a means of corporate communication. Not search engine optimization. If you are interested, we can provide you with more information or make a supplementary offer.


Basics of link building / link building

Modern link building takes into account the basics of semantics as well as the importance of off-page signals for the authority / brand strength of a website. In the first step, external links to a website help Google to identify the entity behind a domain. Backlinks from your own company profiles, e.g. in social networks, entries in web catalogs, business directories ... can be used to help Google recognize a domain as a digital image of an entity (e.g. company) more quickly with appropriate brand anchor texts and consistent company information. More about entities and semantic SEO in the article Semantic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google.


On the other hand, backlinks serve Google as one of the most important relevance signals for determining brand strength or domain authority. This means that off-page signals such as links or co-occurences together with content and search patterns in the brand context are the most important brand signals.

Offpage signals and backlinks are the most important ranking factors on Google

Even Google confirms that content and links are among the three most important ranking signals in general (more on Searchengineland.com). More about SEO and brand strength in the article The digital brand / authority: Importance for SEO & online marketing.


The link building methods for strengthening authority

This brand strength can be achieved through various types of link building, among other things. A distinction can be made between the following four link building methods:

  1. Owned links
  2. Self Placed Links
  3. Paid links
  4. Earned links


Owned and self-placed links have the advantage that they usually do not require a lot of effort and also no budget. They can be placed yourself and can therefore be generated in a scalable manner. However, you have no great influence on the relevance optimization of a website. Sensible link purchase can be effective, but it violates Google guidelines or must be tagged with the no-follow tag, which again dampens the effectiveness. The supreme discipline of link building are earned links, which are usually generated organically through content marketing measures. The big disadvantage here: Link building via content marketing is not scalable. In addition, content marketing is an instrument of corporate communication and less of link building or for SEO purposes. More on this in the article Content marketing is not link building & SEO!


We hope we have been able to give you an overview of our approach and understanding of the subject of link building so far and would be happy to receive your request for an initial consultation.