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NOVENTI and Zava cooperate: online doctor's practice is connected to 5,000 pharmacies

11.02.2020 – 08:00


Munich / London (ots)

Patients can be treated online by the doctor and immediately receive medicines from the local pharmacy. Two pioneers in digitization in the healthcare market show how it works: Germany's market leader in the healthcare market, NOVENTI, connects the online doctor's practice Zava to the currently 5,000 pharmacies across Germany via the pharmacy platform callmyApo. This means that patients will be able to order the medication they need from the pharmacy of their choice directly after the digital consultation with just a few clicks.

With telemedicine, Zava already saves its patients waiting times for the doctor's appointment or in the doctor's office. By bridging the gap to local pharmacies, the time to drug treatment will be further shortened. After approval by the tele-doctor, the prescription is sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice via callmyApo. There are no unnecessary journeys, as patients are conveniently informed as soon as the required medication is ready to be picked up from their pharmacy of choice. An increase in sales for pharmacies in Germany.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: "Working with Zava closes the circle: The patient is advised and treated online by the doctor and can decide with one click to which local pharmacy his prescription should be digitally transmitted, ie with our connection we send the prescriptions from the mail order companies abroad back to the local pharmacy. " This strengthens the stationary pharmacy, which was previously excluded from telemedical prescriptions.

The service is free of charge for pharmacy customers. The same applies to the pharmacies. A connection to callmyApo is non-discriminatory and immediately possible for all pharmacies in Germany.

"Our goal is to embed medical care in our patients' everyday lives. The combined customer journey of online doctor visits and on-site pharmacies is another important milestone," says David Meinertz, CEO of Zava. Meinertz continues: "The patient has the freedom to choose where and how he takes care of himself."

NOVENTI is the leading designer of the German health market and acts in the service of the local pharmacy. In the future, every pharmacy involved will be able to receive prescriptions from the European market leader Zava electronically. CallmyApo can be used to report back immediately when the medication is ready to be dispensed. A big plus in terms of customer loyalty and customer acquisition for the individual pharmacy on site.


The NOVENTI Group is the market leader in the digital healthcare market in Germany, Germany's largest pharmacy inventory management system and, with over 20 billion euros in prescription billing volume, Europe's largest billing company in the healthcare sector. The pharmacy's own NOVENTI Group, with around 2,000 employees and 25 independent individual companies, has one thing in common: They all operate in the health market with the core target groups pharmacies, other service providers, nursing services and doctors. In addition to financing security, it offers the network platform that promotes the important cross-company transfer of know-how. In addition, the individual companies act independently in their operational business. Sustainability is one of the basic principles of the corporate strategy, NOVENTI was recognized as a climate-neutral company and as a "Great Place to Work".

Board of Directors NOVENTI Health SE: Dr. Hermann Sommer, Victor J. Castro, Dr. Sven Jansen

Contact Noventi Group: Dr. Silvio Kusche, Head of Marketing (CMO), Tomannweg 6, 81673 Munich, [email protected]

About Zava:

Zava is the leading provider of telemedical services for patients in Germany and Europe. The online medical practice was founded in 2010 by David Meinertz (CEO) in London (UK) under the name "DrEd", opened in 2011 and renamed "Zava" in 2019. Since then, over four million consultations and treatments have been carried out for patients from Germany, England, Ireland and France. The employed doctors advise and treat patients regardless of time and location via the Internet, telephone and video. Zava ( currently treats over 30 indications from the areas of men's and women's health, internal medicine, general medicine and travel medicine in Germany. Patients can contact the online doctor's office 24 hours, 7 days a week via their encrypted patient account. The telephone patient service is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on +49 (0) 40 8740 8254.

The online medical practice is registered with the English supervisory authority for medical practices, the "Care Quality Commission" (CQC), and is based, among other things, on the requirements and recommendations of German scientific institutes and the Association of Scientific Medical Associations (AWMF).

Patients appreciate the medical services of Zava - not only because of the quality and convenience, but especially because of the uncomplicated and confidential doctor-patient contact. The experienced team of doctors at Zava knows no taboo topics, is open to all medical questions and advises and treats, if medically justifiable, immediately and quickly according to the latest scientific standards and at the highest medical level.

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