Why is Fee a gay bow

Torn rainbow flag: Emperor angry

On Monday, Kaiser criticized those demonstrators, some of them right-wing extremist, who tore up a rainbow flag in Vienna over the weekend because they see it as "a symbol of child molesters". The rainbow flag is also known as the Pride flag, the flag of pride, and also means solidarity with the LGBTiQ + scene (LGBT is an abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual; Inter and Transgender - i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual , intersex and transgender).

Especially with regard to a former member of the state parliament of the former Team Stronach or BZÖ, who was involved, Kaiser said: "I am ashamed that such people have belonged to the Carinthian state parliament." For his manner, Kaiser was unusually harsh in front of journalists with the former MPs in court.

"Distance me sharply from it"

He was "deeply shaken and angry". Without mentioning his name, Kaiser said that he had "unfortunately caught the umpteenth time with filthy insults": "I dissociate myself in all sharpness and I think that the State Security Service and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution are increasingly keeping an eye on such activities by such people should. "As he had heard, the former regional politician is also under" constant observation "- especially with regard to the new legal regulations with regard to hatred on the Internet, this will probably be observed" with hawk eyes ".

In Klagenfurt, the former MP organized car parades against the government's coronavirus measures this year. In addition, he is active on the messenger service Telegram, where he calls for “online soldiers” to be recruited who are supposed to torpedo reports of the “system press” with critical comments.