What does social acumen mean

Acuteness: Flaunted cleverness is stupid

A typical session. There are lots of bright minds gathered, all of the company's high-flyers. Plus a couple of well-known management consultants. The room houses an accumulated IQ of 2000. But nothing happens. When so much brilliance is concentrated, you can be sure that every conceivable problem, every complex of questions and ideas will be examined from all sides. The results are mostly impeccable theory, analytical grace - and zero implementation. Intelligence isn't everything. Businesses don't just need analytical brilliancebut people with the energy to do something move

Too smart for this world?

Acumen, valued as it is, is also one Handicap. Anyway, personally, if you are smarter than your boss and he notices it. For the company, if many are incredibly smart, but also talk a lot and still do little.

I remember an article I read a while ago. It was about Great Britain. The greatest commonality of successful entrepreneurs there was not about courage or intelligence. It was dyslexia.

One who suffers from reading inhibition is Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin. The man is constantly inventing new things, is active, a doer. Not all of it works out and sometimes he does stupid ideas. So what?! He just keeps going - and is successful.

From the German poet and physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg comes the sentence:

The man had so much sense that he was almost useless for anything.

Today that's more likely to be called Island talent.

Intelligence, say the really intelligent, is the ability to adapt. Or as Kurt Tucholsky puts it: “The advantage of being smart is that you can act stupid. The opposite is more difficult. ”That sounds even more smug Saying: "Though everyone is allowed to think, many are spared it."

What really intelligent people distinguishes:

  • They know what they don't know.
  • You are insatiable inquisitive.
  • You have great empathy.
  • You ask good questions.
  • You are open to new things.
  • You have the courage to try it out.
  • They adapt quickly.

On the other hand, caution is advised against those who aggressively peel their cunning outwards. You seldom care about the matter, but all the more about yourself. You search Stages, not vocations.

In terms of career, too, the question arises: is it really a sign of wisdomto let others know you are smarter than them? Just.

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