What are the good B2Bsales certification courses

B2B-Sales @Home

For many experienced employees in the field sales force, such a channel change is a drastic change - especially when it happens as suddenly as we are currently experiencing in the market due to the Corona crisis. There are almost no more familiar processes. Instead, the colleagues are confronted with a demanding technology that initially only seems to make everyday life more difficult. In addition, there is the loss of personal communication, the uncertainty with regard to the previous performance indicators and targets, completely new requirements for self-management in an unfamiliar environment, and last but not least sales-supporting materials and tools that no longer meet the new framework. These are probably just some of the challenges that numerous salespeople from a wide variety of industries are currently facing. In addition, there is the psychological circumstance that people can find their way into new environments very quickly in times of need, but that unfamiliar and unsettling things nonetheless limit the willingness to perform and performance to the same extent.

While leadership is now all the more required to a relevant extent, we don't want to focus on the manager, but on the employee in sales. The company continues to expect sales success through customer proximity.

The key question is: What kind of help is required at the skill level in addition to the introduction to the technological work environment and the procedural control of processes in order to maintain the sales performance of the employees?

Many employees are good at effective communication in the field, but they often do not know how to transfer this sales strength to the telephone or video telephony channels.