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Up to 17 dB footfall sound reduction under ceramic tiles

(17.3.2008) With the new impact sound and decoupling membrane, Sopro Bauchemie GmbH presented a rubber granulate membrane at DEUBAU 2008 in Essen, which should lead to a significant improvement in the impact sound insulation value even with a very low installation height.

Especially in multi-storey residential buildings, high demands are placed on footfall sound insulation in connection with the laying of ceramic and natural stone coverings. With the new Sopro footfall sound and decoupling membrane, a footfall sound reduction (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-8) under ceramic tiles of up to 17 dB can be achieved - proven by a test certificate from the Aachen sound and heat measuring station. The membrane, which is only 3 mm thick, consists of a highly specified rubber granulate that is harmless to health. Thanks to its low thickness, the material is also suitable where only very low installation heights are available. The membrane can be laid under ceramic and natural stone coverings as well as under parquet, carpet or PVC.

The new Sopro footfall sound and decoupling membrane is also suitable as a decoupling intermediate layer on critical, young and crack-prone substrates. Tensions, such as those that can result from residual shrinkage behavior or from hairline cracks and deformations of the subsurface, are not transferred to the tile surface when the rubber granulate sheet is used. Further applications arise in the renovation of old wooden floorboards or old tile coverings or in the context of thermal insulation in renovations and refurbishments as well as in new buildings. And last but not least, the material can also be used for insulation against the screed under electric underfloor heating and on hot water underfloor heating.

The Sopro footfall sound insulation and decoupling membrane (roll format 1 x 10 m) is laid end to end with flexible Sopro thin or fluidized bed mortars on the existing substrate. Absorbent substrates must be pretreated with primers. In the case of non-absorbent, smooth and pore-closed substrates, pretreatment with Sopro Haftkraft or Sopro Haftprimer S.

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