Is it a choice to be childish?

The US presidential election was almost 14 days ago, and Donald Trump still does not recognize Joe Biden's election victory. Carolin Roth Wygant from Marktoberdorf, who lives in Camarillo on the west coast, cannot believe it. “Trump is acting childish. It is unworthy that he does not recognize the victory of the Democrats, ”says the stewardess. “That shows Trump's madness and infatuation. Trump's fans who are now protesting have been brainwashed, ”she says. The accusation of election manipulation is out of thin air.

Why they don't talk politics with Trump voters

Roth Wygant moved to the States six and a half years ago after marrying her US husband Mike (44). They have two young children. Politically, her husband works in a similar way to her: “Luckily. Otherwise I would have gotten a divorce, ”she says. She laughs at the joke, but is serious again: Even in liberal California you meet a lot of Trumpists. “I also know some really cool Trump voters. But I've had the experience that it's better not to talk about politics with them. ”They'd rather break off a topic of conversation than endanger a friendship.

How irreconcilably the two political camps face each other, she makes clear with the help of Dave, her husband's best friend: “He's afraid that his mother-in-law - she lives in the house and is a hardcore Republican - has a bad influence on his children . "

"Trump is a small child in a man's body"

"Trump is a small child in a man's body," says her husband Mike Wygant, a dentist. In conversation, the Californian keeps mixing German chunks in his sentences. His analysis is clear: "Trump was extremely bad for US politics and the international community." He is happy with the election result, but disappointed that so many millions voted for Trump again.

The role of the US media

He explains this by saying “that many people only get information via Facebook with messages from their own bubble”. The TV stations are intensifying the division in the country. "Fox News" reported not only close to the Republicans, but at times like a propaganda station. "They also sell entertainment, satire, and their opinions as news," says Wygant. "And their viewers take it seriously and believe that the Democrats are evil and want to destroy America."

No joke

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Mike Wygant criticizes the fact that many Republicans only support Trump because he is at their head. “That was also the case with my office hours assistant, who has now moved to Oklahoma,” he says. “But she had a sense of humor,” says his wife. "She was happy when we gave her a funny Trump mug to say goodbye."

"My dad is Republican but hates Trump"

Mike Wygant says that by no means all Republicans are Trump fans. "My father is conservative, but hates Trump!" The party, which was infiltrated by Trump and drifting more and more to the right, with its ultra-believing members has little to do with the pro-business conservatives of the Reagan era. “They only stood for a lean state and low taxes,” he explains. Many Americans still identify with this, says his German wife: “For them, only the economy, money and the individual count. Community and solidarity are not as important as we do. "

The Wygants are not afraid of unrest. "The Trumpists just talk," says Mike Wygant. Those responsible did not let it get that far. He thinks it is out of the question that Trump will remain president. "If Trump does not leave the White House, the military will carry him out." It is more likely that Trump will ultimately withdraw to play golf in the retirement paradise of Florida. His wife thinks so too. “The media are talking less about the election. Corona affects people more in their everyday life. "