What's in Matt Smith's chin

Matt Smith: Scar because of James Corden

Matt Smith's scar is from James Corden's wedding.

Matt Smith

The 'The Crown' star was having a little too much fun at his friend's wedding reception with Julia Carey five years ago. On the 'Late Late Show' James shared an amusing anecdote: "You were the star of our wedding in many ways. Do you remember anything from that day?" The series actor contritely admitted his joker role at the party: "I have a scar on my chin because I fell down the stairs. I fell into a fireplace - twice! Thank goodness no fire was lit, because I'm one Fire risk. "

But that's not enough for the fun night. Matt continued: "I danced with Kylie Minogue, which was wonderful. And then your father put me in a car. At the end he was like, 'Matt ... Come on son, it's time. It's time. ' He put me in the car; it was a silver Mercedes. I got in and closed the door, then I walked out the other side and walked back inside! What a wedding. " The actor still wears a souvenir of it.

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