Tesla Autopilot breaks the law

Tesla: 12 million euros fine in Germany!

Tesla apparently does not adhere to German laws when taking back e-car batteries.

At the presentation of the new Tesla plant in Grünheide, company boss Elon Musk raved about Germany in the highest tones. Now his love for the country could begin to crack. As can be seen from Tesla's current quarterly report, the manufacturer recently came into conflict with the local Federal Environment Agency. This threatens to tear a not inconsiderable hole of 12 million euros in the US company's coffers. According to a media report, the reason for this draconian demand is a violation of the law on taking back electric car batteries. In fact, manufacturers of electric cars in Germany are obliged to take back the electricity storage of the sold cars if necessary or to refer them to a disposal partner.

Tesla objects

It remains unclear to what extent Tesla actually violated this requirement. The report does not provide details of the procedure. According to its own information, Tesla is taking back the batteries in its cars. The Federal Environment Agency's complaint concerns problems with "administrative obligations". Tesla has already filed an objection to the decision and does not assume that it will have a negative impact on business in Germany. Neither the company nor the Federal Environment Agency have made detailed statements on the allegation. Since the aforementioned law not only regulates the return of old batteries, but also the disposal of damaged or caught fire batteries, the problem could also lie here. Because e-car batteries are difficult to extinguish and have to cool down for weeks, storage and disposal is correspondingly complicated. In this context, there have already been cases in which Tesla customers have waited a long time for help from the manufacturer.

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