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ONR 43001-1 certifiable


We are extremely well networked with the job market and our participants can access our excellent job network. Many participants in the EWI training courses have been successfully placed so far.
Our training is optionally ONR 43001-1 certifiable. Examination possible with us.

Your advantages

What makes our real estate training special?

Top teachers

The training team consists of both experienced trainers and people with many years of experience in the real estate industry. In this way you are optimally prepared for the challenges in your later job.

Funding opportunities

Our real estate training courses are sometimes the cheapest on the market. However, our training as a real estate assistant can be funded by the AMS or Waff, for example. Just ask us for more information.

Central location

Our real estate training takes place directly at the Wien Mitte train station, right next to the underground and S-Bahn stations. This means that the seminars are easy to reach from Vienna and Lower Austria.

Flexible times

We start our real estate assistant apprenticeship almost every month. Although this training is very popular, you can usually start the course with us within the next month at the latest. The best thing to do is to simply inquire about the seats.

The real estate assistant (m / f) training

More information about our real estate training

Course dates

Course date:On demand
Course times:Monday and Wednesday 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Lessons:110 hours
Course location:GRABEN 12, 1010 Vienna
Course costs:€ 1,250 / € 1,500 including 20% ​​VAT.
Certification (ONR 43001-1) extra: € 330.00 / € 396.00 including 20% ​​VAT.
Our training is optionally ONR 43001-1 certifiable. Examination possible with us.

target group

Employees of brokerage agencies who want to enter the industry for the first time or who want to deepen their basic knowledge.

All people who want to get into the real estate industry privately or economically.


No prerequisites necessary.

Training goal

The participants of this course receive all the necessary knowledge about the basics of economic, legal and technical aspects in the real estate market. By conveying the content in a very practice-oriented manner, the graduates get the tools they need to become active in the real estate market immediately and to carry out all other important work steps in the industry, such as real estate transactions or property inspections.

Trained broker assistants are also active in processing documents and looking after customers in the real estate business.

Course content:

  • Real estate market and property management
    Real estate market in Austria and other EU countries. Business basics of real estate management. Sizes and guidelines from practice.
  • Structural aspects in the real estate industry
    Structural assessments and basics of structural engineering. Technical parameters and technical evaluation of the building structure and condition of a property.
  • Land register law and land transfer law
    Land register extract and interpretations of extracts. Restrictions and liability in real estate law.
  • Tenant protection and consumer protection
    Basics of tenancy law and a brief introduction to consumer law. Interpretation of legal texts and new laws.
  • Communication techniques and sales training
    Communication and sales techniques to negotiate efficiently and objectively. Conflict management and objection handling.
  • Basics of brokerage law
    Commission claims and legal basis for commission. Charging in contracts and regulations. Introduction to drawing up contracts.
  • Civil law and general property law
    Introduction to real estate transactions and legal fundamentals. Civil law foundations and court proceedings.
  • Taxes, duties and fees
    Overview of taxes in the Austrian economy. Special aspects of duties and fees in the brokerage business.
  • Real estate valuation and real estate marketing
    Practical examples from quick and efficient real estate valuation. E-commerce and marketing in the brokerage business. Special focus on the marketing of real estate on the Internet. Legal basis.
  • Essential aspects of the right of residence
    Right of residence with a special focus on long-term contracts and when taking over existing contracts. Special example: apartment building.
  • Real estate financing
    Financing options. Repayment planning, with practical examples. Financing partner. Lending. Real estate business and large real estate operations.
  • Building and spatial planning
    Zoning and spatial planning. Reallocation of areas in Austria. Introduction to interpreting plans. Offices and retention periods for plans.
  • Energy certificate
    Calculation of an energy certificate with compliance with the legal regulations. U-values ​​of various materials and parts of a house. Calculation of other specific environmental indicators.
  • Practical examples from the real estate industry
    As in all other EWI training courses, we attach great importance to practical learning by the participants. Therefore, in this extra module, the participants will get to know specific practical examples and practical strategies in order to immediately have an advantage in the real estate business.

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Customer testimonials

This is what former participants say about EWI real estate training

  • "At first I didn't think that you could learn so much in the course of an AMS course. Should I have to do a course again. I'm in good hands here. Clear recommendation"

  • "I did the trainer training at the EWI Institute and was extremely enthusiastic. The trainers are absolute experts in their field and have brought me a big step forward personally and technically. I can only recommend the institute, top!"

  • "I like the new courses at the EWI Institute very much. I would like to have an education that goes deeper into the content of the course.

  • "I have already attended several course institutes, am already doing the 3rd course at EWI, no comparison. Only here in the future."

Your trainer

Your trainer for training as a real estate assistant

Rudolf-Anton Preyer, MBA

Real estate expert and financial trainer

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