Which Comes First GSTR1 or GSTR3B

"3 different strudel" - a terrific baking experience!

“3 different strudel” - a terrific baking experience!

I'm so cheeky and allow myself this title headline! Not because only I have this impression, but because my feeling has been confirmed several times both by email and verbally! What an afternoon! And what tasty results were achieved by us as a team - in words and pictures, right here and now: "Apple strudel - vegetable strudel - strudelsack", in the variations: "as dessert, main course, side dish and dessert!"

The ingredients for this are actually quite simple:

- a motivated and cheerful team

- a technically very interested team

- a communicative and diverse team

- an old confectioner who lives his trade and does not lock his tips in the desk

- a great bakery

Bon Appetit


Michael Mantl-Mussak

also for Lea-Mavie, I have the right apron!
Ms. Brigitta Mesenich from Kulinarium Austria, informs herself about the program items
Program item: "Strudel philosophy from the point of view of a confectioner!"
An important tip, when making the strudel dough, concerns the addition of the liquid
almost everything is freshly prepared at the seminar
Breadcrumbs should be properly roasted and not just mixed with hot butter - thank you Gerti!
a little technical help is also allowed with the handicrafts and …….
.... sometimes quite ...
Peeling apples can also visibly put you in a good mood!
Lea, Manuela and Roland: "Production stop ?!"
at the strudel seminar "The Dream Team"
The kettle was quickly filled with apple wedges! Thanks Roland!
To be honest, it is easier and, above all, faster with the dough sheeter!
almost finished ………
……. and quickly on the swirl ...... ..
.... and it goes on with a lot of support!
wafer-thin, as the reading sample shows!
with the right collaboration as a team, everything is much easier!
the first strudel are ready on the baking sheet ...
…… .. and will soon be baked!
I am always available on site as support
Feel the product or the raw material, work with feeling, almost a relationship
the whole team could be proud! Appearance, taste, quality - perfect!
Roland, Brigitta, Lea, Sigrid, Gertrude, Michael, Manuela
by and with "the confectioner", Michael Mantl-Mussak

"While the first apple strudel hadn't even been baked yet, everyone present was already tackling the production of the vegetable strudel with great interest!"

my vegetables for the strudel, which can be served as a side dish or as a main course
Sandwich slices, cream, herbal creme fraiche, eggs, salt, pepper are the other ingredients
the carrots, kohlrabi and potatoes are boiled until soft - finally the broccoli are added briefly
the basic mass of the vegetable strudel is used for binding and flavoring
Briefly drain the vegetables and let them cool
this time rolled forward with the rolling pin ...
… Moved on while hanging…. placed on the dusted swirl towel….
………. and finished together to the right size!
As always, the vortex is rolled up as tightly as possible
To recognize full motivation and the will for perfection in my seminar participants, of course, I am extremely happy
also dexterity, of course, is a great advantage when doing handwork
... but can also be acquired through practice, in most cases
almost ready, the vegetable strudel
It is always tasted during and after the seminars
also the vegetable strudel, a delicacy in itself!
Variations from the Strudel - without further comment from me!
I think the cooperation, the togetherness, was perfect today!
Three kinds of strudel: plenty of scope for your own creations!

“A little highlight at the end were the filled strudel bags. Served as a dessert, served on the saucepan and garnished with fruit! "

peeled and sliced ​​apples form the basis again
I also have chopped chocolate, slightly bitter orange peel in syrup, some cinnamon sugar, marinated raisins and fresh lemon juice
my recipes are always just suggestions and can be added to or changed as required!
this time circles are to be made from strudel dough ...
... then with melted butter and roasted crumbs ...
... are processed further.
from dessert, to side dish, to dessert - variations of strudel
Dexterity is required and….
... important when doing handicrafts!
however, much can be acquired through practice!
We are all proud when we look at our jointly manufactured products
"Motivation & happiness" - the photo with Gerti speaks for itself!
the strudel bags from the seminar participants were nicer than my example!
I can also laugh at myself when I'm "wrong"
in principle, however, I already know exactly what to do!
..., the serving of dessert plates.
could also increasingly become a course & semi-topic again
creative handicrafts, ...
Incidentally, I bought the plates exactly 30 years ago (!) in Munich for dessert photos!