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YOU CAN SING! - How improvised songs succeed

Christian Johannes Käser - YOU CAN SING! How improvised songs succeed
“You can sing!” Writes Christian Käser in his inspiring practical book on improvising songs. A book that makes you want to try it out and set out on a playful way to awaken your own voice and create your own songs at the same time. In a large number of practical ideas, the author offers a wide variety of approaches to voice and song improvisation. It serves as a guide when you lead groups - but it is also helpful and stimulating when you set out to discover your own voice because: "You can sing!" And that's great. "
Prof Christian Berger, Head of MA Elementary Music Education, Zurich University of the Arts
YOU CAN SING! - How improvised songs succeed
"YOU CAN SING!" conveys the joy of improvised singing.
This book gives tips and tricks on how songs are created from the moment and shows why there is no point in doubting your own singing abilities.
"YOU CAN SING!" is intended for practice.
Many practical exercises are carefully described and help to find fun in singing and to invent songs with melody and text from the moment. A tried and tested practical handbook for improvisational theater workshops, music lessons or the school class.
"YOU CAN SING!" becomes even easier thanks to playbacks.
For the exercises, the experienced music producer and improv musician Christian Riesen created playbacks that can be used to improvise songs without live accompaniment.
Christian Johannes Käser
Christian Johannes Käser is an actor, musician, presenter and trainer.
As an actor and musician, he has been on stage for countless theater and musical productions (including Ewigi Liebi, Das Konzert der Tiere, Pippi Longstocking, The Muhammad Ali Road Show).
In 2005 he founded the theater anundpfirsich together with four actors and since then has focused even more on improvisation as a form of theater and a technique of creativity. He coaches ensembles and teaches improvisation at the musical school SAMTS.
Christian Johannes Käser invented a new genre with his “Musical Impromptu Comedy” and has been conveying the joy of improvised song for over 15 years. As “Pumpernickel” ( he travels the cabaret in Switzerland and inspires more and more people in courses for improvised singing.
In his trainings at various universities and for companies, he trains people from various fields in communication and presence with the help of techniques from theater and improvisation. He uses his background as a studied philosopher and his experience as a vocational school teacher.

Studied philosophy, political science and German literature at the University of Zurich (Liz Phil I)
Acting and improvisation at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting (New York) and at the Improv Olympics (iO, Chicago)
Theater and communication training for various companies and teaching institutes (including PHZ, ZHAW,
Has been teaching general education at the technical vocational school in Zurich since 2011.

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