How's a Mayor's Day


In the morning he was welcomed in the town hall by First Alderman Andree Stein, Office Manager Reiner Nebgen and some administrative staff. He met many familiar faces, because in the past few months he had had a number of conversations with the department heads, some clerks, the staff council and with his predecessor Edmund Schaaf. In the meantime, Richter-Hopprich is already familiar with many projects and processes within the administration. “Since the day of my election at the beginning of May, I have used the time thoroughly to prepare for my new office and my tasks in politics and administration. Now I am happy that it is starting. I am really looking forward to everything new, ”said the new mayor when he took up his duties. In December he had already been appointed mayor at a solemn meeting of the municipal council and took his oath of office.

In the town hall of Montabaur: The first alderman Andree Stein (left) and office manager Reiner Nebgen (right) welcomed the new mayor Ulrich Richter-Hopprich on his first day at work.

Farewell to the town hall: retired mayor Edmund Schaaf (r.) Retired at the end of 2017. On his last day at work, the alderman Willi Wirges presented him with a certificate of thanks for the services rendered in the Montabaur community.