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Honeywell Rondostat- how can I delete the programming?


I bought a new PC, it only has a DVI connection for the monitor (no VGA and HDMI).

My monitor, on the other hand, has a VGA and a DVI connection.

My problem is this:

The PC itself does not recognize a connection from VGA (monitor) to DVI (PC) - very clearly - only I cannot switch my monitor, which has a DVI connection, to DVI as soon as I switch to the monitor itself, i.e. the buttons at the bottom of the When setting the edge DVI, the monitor goes black for a short time and then automatically switches back to D-Sub.

I can't find any other way to switch my computer to digital and I'm going crazy.

I don't understand much about it myself and my monitor is an older model, a "BenQ G2220HD (Analog)" (The analog is really included in the description, but if the PC can only be used via a pure VGA connection, WHY does it have then one for DVI on the back?)

I hope you understand what I mean and maybe you can help me :(

In the settings I didn't find anything either, the signal is not automatically recognized and the drivers are up to date!)

One more thing, it's only ONE monitor, I only find problems where people can't get a second one connected.