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The TEAMTHEATER once again brings the world onto the stage. As part of the series TEAMTHEATER.GLOBAL. Various partner regions of Bavaria have been presented since 2016: After the Canadian province of Québec and regions from Brazil and China, India is on the program in spring 2021, more precisely the contemporary theater of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The actress, director and dramaturge Kirtana Kumar from Karnataka's capital Bangalore, at the suggestion of the TEAMTHEATER guest in the Villa Waldberta, the AIR program of the state capital Munich, introducing designs for the opening on April 21st a Panorama of the theater in her homeland from traditional forms to the present.

On four evenings from April 21 to 27, 2021, the incredibly rich theater scene in Karnataka presented. The variety of topics in the four presentations ranges from the age-old longing for youth (April 21st) to the question of our readiness for discourse and dialogue (April 23rd) and the printing of complex role models (April 25th) to fast-paced political satire (April 27th).

Then we cordially invite you to Audience discussions with authors and translators. This edition of the GLOBAL Festival, which is being sponsored in cooperation with Drama Panorama: Forum für Translation und Theater e. V. was created by the Culture Department of the City of Munich, the Bavarian State Chancellery, the Indian Embassy Berlin, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the German Translators' Fund.


Wednesday, April 21, 7 p.m .: YAYATI by Girish Karnad
Performing rights with the heirs.
Translation and arrangement: Henning Bochert

Friday, April 23, 7 p.m .: PHANTASMAGORY by Deepika Arwind
Performance rights: Drei Masken Verlag, Munich.
Translation and arrangement: Henning Bochert

Sunday, April 25th, 7 p.m .: DANCE LIKE A MAN by Mahesh Dattani
Performance rights: Per H. Lauke Verlag, Hamburg.
Translation: Axel Monte. Establishment: Axel Tangerding and Kirtana Kumar

Tuesday, April 27th, 7 p.m .: PROJECT S.T.R.I.P. by Ram Ganesh Kamatham
Performance rights: Verlag Schultz & Schirm, Vienna.
Translation: Anna Opel, Establishment: Frank Weigand

Venue: TEAMTHEATER Salon, Am Einlaß 4, www.teamtheater.de
Tickets from 10 €, reservations at [email protected]

These events are broadcast over the Internet. You can find access to the readings on the website www.teamtheater.de.


Talk series - in English language

In Hindi, the word "adda" refers to a gathering at a particular place, like a den, where people have conversation and more conversation. It's very commonly used in theater communities. Kirtana Kumar, theater director from Bangalore (www.infinitesouls.org), and Axel Tangerding, artistic director of Meta Theater (www.meta-theater.com) are pleased to invite you to this informal format with the following issues:

3/30/21, 7 p.m .: Adda # 1 - The Relevance of Grotowsky Today:
Views from India and Germany

April 6, 21, 7 p.m .: Adda # 2 - Theater in a Post Pandemic World:
Views from India and Germany

April 13, 21, 7 p.m .: Adda # 3 - Hybrid Theater Pedagogies for Youth:
Views from India and Germany

April 20, 21, 7 p.m .: Adda # 4 - Theater Anthropology / Cultural Exchange Today:
Resonance in transnational work

Idea: Kirtana Kumar and Axel Tangerding, organized by Meta Theater
Hybrid participation possibility: limited participation (26 seats) at Meta Theater
On-line participation, registration required: [email protected]
Venue: Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach

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