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The best day trading forums at a glance (Update 2021)

Day trading forums are great sources of information when you know which forum to visit and where to look.

We've checked out the best day trading forums to find out what they have to offer.

Forums with most day traders

Forums thrive through their participants. More active traders also mean more sources of information. The following forums are the largest and therefore arguably the best for day traders.

Elite trader

Elite Trader is a great forum for active traders with many day traders. The topics range from trading protocols and trading systems to bitcoin trading.

But with so many attendees, it's inevitable that you will have to put more effort into separating the wheat from the chaff. And frankly, there is more chaff than wheat at Elite Trader. However, if you proceed carefully, you will discover the precious gemstones underneath.

The scalp trade setup of the forum thread jjrvat is one of these gemstones. To date, this is the most haunted thread on the forum. Another popular day trading discussion on Elite Trader revolves around the "trading method of anecdotes".

Big Mike trading forum

"Big Mike" started out with a trading blog before becoming a forum moderator. It was very beneficial that he held this position.

The Big Mike Trading Forum (now Futures.io) has a high level, which is due to the fact that Big Mike runs this forum very actively. Trolls are banned out of hand. Discussions are topic-related and summarized in such a way that multiple threads on the same topic are avoided. The staff are committed and helpful. More importantly, there is a community of day traders in the Big Mike Trading Forum.

However have only elite members have access to the best content on the forum. Elite membership is $ 100 for unlimited access. Membership is associated with discounts and reduced-price offers from certain trading providers. To learn more about the benefits of Elite Membership, you must first register as a regular member.

Traders Laboratory

Traders Laboratory is another forum with many day traders and an area for "day trading and scalping".

In particular, there are active discussions and valuable sources on volume spread analysis and Richard Wyckoff's trading methods. If you are interested in that Volume analysis to use in your day trading, this forum is indispensable.


T2W is a trading forum run by a team of four, consisting of three traders and a community manager. A team that understands trading is helpful in improving the quality of discussions (similar to the Big Mike Trading Forum).

The Indices and Forex divisions are the two most active divisions of T2W. Since indices and forex are common instruments for day traders, these areas represent a suitable platform for day trading discussions. Due to the large number of British traders who are active on T2W, you can find day trading discussions geared towards Great Britain here, for example such as “Operates someone scalping in FTSE futures? "

When you start searching T2W, you can start searching with “Captain Currency” and “Mr. Charts ”- that's what two well-known members call themselves.

Forex Factory

The Forex Factory forum is extremely active and useful to forex traders. The two departments with the most contributions are “Interactive Trading” and “Trading Systems”.

The traders of "Interactive Trading" let you participate in their trades by posting charts and explaining them. Other traders offer their assessments or ask questions about a trade. It's a great place to learn from other traders' trades.

The “Trading Systems” department contains the most extensive Collection of trading systemsthat users have contributed, from systems with proprietary indicators to those that use simple price action. Even for traders who do not trade on the Forex, these trading systems are valuable sources of ideas for day trading systems.

Day trading forums from providers

Many day trading brokers and trading product providers offer their own forums. These forums are particularly useful for finding solutions to problems with these products. They also provide an insight into the level of support that you can expect. Below is a list of such broker / provider forums.

Broker / Seller - What to Expect

Oanda - One of the longest running forex forums offered by a well known forex broker and used by many day traders.
FXopen - Another forex broker with an international presence. The forums are relatively active, with country-specific forums for active traders.
Optimus Futures - A support forum that was set up to help daytraders of this futures broker.
Ninjatrader - Ninjatrader is another well-known trading platform. Their support forum is quite active and questions are usually discussed immediately.
TheStrategyLab - provider specializing in price action strategies. Founder is M. A. Perry (Wrbtrader), who is also active in the larger forum mentioned above. He determines this forum.

Country-specific forums on day trading

Country-specific forums often have threads that discuss day trading or trading in general. These forums provide valuable information, especially for Traders outside of the US and UK. These forums are particularly useful for finding information about local markets, taxes, and brokers.

Country Day Trading Forums

Australia - The Aussie Stock Forums is a platform for active traders to discuss Australian stocks.
Pakistan - The Pakistan Forex Forum has nearly 6,000 traders sharing both English and Urdu.
India - E-investing India is an online community with discussions about day trading.
France - Andlil is an active trading forum in French with a section on day trading and scalping.

Niches among the day trading forums

Bitcoin day trading and day trading computer setup are among the more exotic topics in day trading.

For adventurous traders familiar with digital currency Bitcoin daytrading, it is necessary to follow the Bitcoin discussions via Bitcointalk.

If you need serious help to equip yourself appropriately for day trading, you can find some hardware experts in the "Forum at Tom`s Hardware".

The rest of the day trading universe

In addition to the forums mentioned so far, there are dozens of small day trading forums. These forums are small, but still not worthless.

Investigating these one after the other is probably not a sensible investment of time.

To help you locate the top day trading discussions, we created a customer-friendly search engine using Google's excellent algorithm to search through 27 day trading forums, including the top five discussed above and 22 smaller forums.

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