What are the characteristics of a hypocrite

3 Characteristics Of Hypocrites We Must Be Careful + How To Avoid It

In the language of ati hypocrite pretend Based on the term hypocrisy means to pretend about something, the words do not match reality.

Meanwhile, when displayed in a large language dictionary of Indonesia (KBBI), the meaning of the word hypocrite is to pretend to believe or be loyal and so on to religion and so on, but in fact it is not so in his heart; (always) likes to say something that does not correspond to his actions; double sided.

Are you a hypocrite after describing the hypocritical terms? No, So you know more clearly what it is like hmm? The hypocrite explains the following about the characteristics of the hypocrite.

3 characteristics of hypocrites

In the teachings of Islam that are in the book The Holy Quran and Hadith have been explained about the characteristics of hypocrites. One of them is mentioned in Surat Al-Munafiqun (63: 1) about hypocrites who read:

When hypocrites come to you (Muhammad) they say, "We acknowledge that you are the Messenger of Allah." And God knows that you really are his apostle; and Allah testifies that hypocrites are really liars.

The Prophet Muhammad said::

The characteristics of hypocrites are 3: if he says he is lying, if he promises to deny (not kept), if he trusts (in view of the mandate), he has betrayed (H.R. Bukhari-Muslim).

1. When he said he laughed

Every word spoken by hypocrites cannot be trusted. Because what they say is not the same as what is in their hearts, in other words, it is always a lie (lie). Therefore, a person who likes to lie or constantly hushes up a truth does not exclude that he can be called a hypocrite.

2. If he promises, he is Ingkari (not kept)

Every promised case was certainly not kept, so that his words and actions could not be trusted. No, Everyone wants to make promises to others, we have to be careful and first think about whether we can keep them.

If we can't, it would be better not to make that promise and tell the truth. The second characteristic is in fact very often made by most of the people because it is very easy to say without thinking about the ability to fulfill it.

3. If he trusts (trustworthy), he has cheated

Hypocrites are given any mandate to betray him. The mandate given was not properly carried out. The form of the mandate itself is very different, one example is work. Where at work it has to be done well because it is an obligation. Another example is a guide, entrusted goods, and so on.

Hypocrites behave even beyond borders whenunderstanding. They like to commit tyranny in secret or when alone. They assume no one will know, but they forget that God knows all of their deeds.

And when they (hypocrites) meet with those who believe, they say, "We believed". But when they return to the demons, namely to their leaders, they say: "Indeed we are with you, we are just kidding" (Q.S Al-Baqarah: 14).

Allah will mock them (hypocrites) and drive them mistakenly (Q.S Al-Baqarah: 15).

How to Avoid Hypocrisy

1. Prayers on time and in the congregation

Perform in time for some prayers that are difficult to perform as well as prayers in the ward (especially for men). But it is a matter that is highly recommended because it has the virtue of avoiding hypocrisy.

In H.R. Tirmidhi No. 241 reads:

Whoever performs the prayer, because Allah for 40 days in my mosque (in the community), under the given circumstances there is not a single Takbiratul ihram from the Imam, then he will be considered free from 2 things, free from the torments of hell and also free from Hypocrisy recorded.

In addition to punctual prayers and in the congregation, one more thing must be taken into account: solemn prayer. Doesn't like the hypocritical prayer as mentioned in Q.S An-Nisa verse 142

Surely the hypocrites want to deceive Allah, but Allah deceives them. If you stand to pray, do it lazily. They mean Riya (want to be praised) in front of people. And they remember very little about Allah

2. Thajjud prayers

Why is midnight prayer a way not to be hypocritical? Because it is very difficult for the hypocrites to practice it in the middle of the night.

Because for hypocrites, no one will see him offering midnight prayer, so he didn't. In other words, hypocrites will only worship diligently when seen by others.

Well, if there are Muslim friends who do the midnight prayer with the intention of Allah, you can avoid this sanctimonious nature, yes ...

3. Giving alms

Giving Calmly and With Alms Sincere intent is best, because every time we give alms, not even one person needs to know. As the saying goes "right hand gives left hand doesn't need to know".

MR. Muslim reads:

Alms are proof

The meaning of the evidence is belief. This means giving alms on purpose because God should not be praised by others.

4. Increase the recitation

By multiplying dhikr, the heart will surely be more, calm down and get closer to God. Memory is also a fortress so as not to be hypocritical because it always remembers Allah. To do this, multiply Dhikr under all circumstances, whether alone or in a crowd. "Because the hypocrites have very little dhikr".

5. Increase religious knowledge and good morals

The Messenger of Allah said:

There are two traits that are not taken into the hearts of hypocrites, noble conduct (good character) and deepening of religious knowledge (H.R. Tirmidhi).

From the statement about the characteristics of hypocrites above, hopefully we are not included in the hypocrites. For this reason, would it be better if we always look at ourselves first and fix things that weren't good in ourselves. And do everything sincerely and with the purpose of Allah alone.

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