How do mice get in cars

Mouse in the car - how do I get rid of them and how dangerous are they for my children (diseases)?

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We have several mice in the car that have already eaten the child seats. We were able to catch one with a mouse trap, but there are definitely several more in the car. How dangerous are they for my children and how can I get the car mouse-free (we were urgently advised against poison)
can I ask counter questions?
How do they get in there?
What do they live on?
I would just open the doors ... ;-)
High speed
Laugh :-)
They will probably have eaten their way through the ventilation and various insulation.
They are not dangerous. The cute little animals are much too shy.
Poison? Well, if you want to look for dead, smelly mice in the car, you can do that, it's the safest method. Otherwise, you should park the car in a concrete parking garage for a few weeks. The animals will probably starve or die of thirst there. Submitting an application to emigrate will hardly help. A lot of restlessness in the car may be a good solution. Always make a lot of noise. They are sensitive to noise.
I wouldn't see it that easily. Mouse feces can spread a variety of pathogens, e.g. the hantavirus, similar to a strong flu. The seat cushions are ideal for building nests. If poison is used, there is a possibility that the dead mice will hang around in the upholstery, not to mention the danger to children. If traps didn't help, I would see a professional exterminator.
And the home remedy again: a bowl of ammonia, placed in the closed car overnight, should solve the problem. Please be extremely careful, the vapors are highly corrosive to the mucous membranes.
Two months ago the problem started with me too, as a precaution I cleaned everything (excrement and urine traces), and then set 2 live traps in the passenger compartment and trunk, as well as 2 more snap traps (Supercat, Swissinno) next to the car.

She cleverly tricked the live trap by eating the bait from the outside, then had two holes and lots of milled plastic in the trunk. However, one of the two snap traps succeeded and finally caught them. Now after more than 2.5 weeks of breaks, we started again, in 4 days another 3 mice were caught, the latter looking a bit older.

Since then I have placed two snap traps behind the car and outside next to the passenger. Virtually where I suspect the entrances. In addition, I have attached a 5 euro lamp with a motion detector under the passenger seat, if they come out of it, it serves as a deterrent.

The snap traps are made of plastic, look completely harmless, but hit the mice completely.
So you've removed traces of feces and urine from your car.
About time, right?
What kind of carts must these people have to get mice in there? When everything is closed, modern cars swim in deep water for half an hour before the air escapes from the vehicle.
So I suggest closing the windows and doors of the vehicle overnight. Then no mouse comes into the interior
But no out either * sigh *