How should the reservation be made

Reserve vehicle registration number

In order to secure the most extensive range of desired license plates possible, the Berlin licensing authority sees it as necessary to initiate the reservation procedure from June 1st, 2021 to be adjusted as follows:

  • A maximum of five license plates can be reserved per person.
  • The Berlin licensing authority reserves the right to cancel any further reservations without prior notice or without giving reasons.
  • The reservation period is 3 months. (The licensing authority will not extend the reservation period)
  • The reserved license plate can only be allocated if the desired license plate is reserved for the person to whom the vehicle is to be registered later.
There is still no legal entitlement to the allocation of a reserved number plate.

Short number plate combinations (e.g. B-A 99) can only be allocated if the necessity is determined during the demonstration of the corresponding vehicle. This restrictive regulation is necessary because short combinations of license plates are only available to a very limited extent

Such requests can therefore not be taken into account by making an internet reservation. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact the Berlin licensing authority directly (mailto: [email protected]).

A license plate may not have more than eight characters in total. In addition to the “B”, this also includes a season period that may have been selected, as well as the “H” or the “E” after the identification number.

The letter series HJ, KZ, NS, SA, SS and IS are generally not available.

Possible combinations of license plates for motorcycles and light motorcycles
1 letter and 3 digits
1 letter and 4 digits
2 letters and 2 digits
2 letters and 3 digits

Possible combinations of license plates for cars and trucks
1 letter and 4 digits
2 letters and 3 digits
2 letters and 4 digits

In order to prevent improper reservations, it is generally not possible to transfer the desired number to third parties.

The choice of a license plate of your choice is also possible if the vehicle has already been assigned a Berlin license plate.

In order to allocate your reserved number plate, you need to present a printout of the reservation confirmation. The reservation period is three months.

In addition, when decommissioning a Berlin vehicle, you can reserve the previous registration number for the last registered owner.


  • No prerequisites required.

Required documents

  • No documents required.


EUR 12.80 custom license plate (collected in the course of a registration)