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An overview of recommended safety glasses

You can get good protective goggles from Uvex.

Be in different professional groups high quality work glasses or protective goggles are required as part of the work clothing. And there is a reason for that. Because the useful glasses are very important in workwear when it comes to the sensitive eye to protect against various influences or splinters. With these practical helpers, you can also fall back on different types of protective glasses, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, there are laser safety goggles, safety goggles with prescription, safety goggles for people who wear glasses or welding goggles as useful work clothing to discover. You can also find out more about protective workwear in a protective glasses test.

Generally, there are different types of this particular form of workwear on the market. For example, there are so-called design work glasses. These models can also be used outside of work as they optically very modern and stylish are. Of course, the glasses still have sufficient protection to accompany you optimally at work. In addition, they have a wide range of colors and a feminine design is also possible with these glasses. It is also great that the models are often available with darkened glasses, as sunglasses. However, the designer versions are often suitable not for very dangerous work, for example in forging. For a visit to a solarium or as a special version especially for children, the models are very efficient. Sports goggles can also be mentioned as another type. This model can be both professional, everyday and sporting use to be undertaken. Cyclists in particular will benefit greatly from these explanations as a preventive measure against strong winds. The models are often windproof and have a rubber band or a bracket. They also own a low dead weight and usually hold the head very well. However, these designs are not suitable as protective goggles for spectacle wearers or over-glasses for spectacle wearers. In addition, they are often not available on the market or only with difficulty as protective glasses with prescription glasses.

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There are also special welding goggles. These safety glasses become the Protection against strong influences used as face protection and as a dust mask. For example, it can act as eye protection against welding sparks. They are often available as laser safety goggles or prescription safety goggles and completely encompass the eyes. The corresponding elastic band always gives one secure hold. You can also change lenses often. The glasses have different levels of safety according to the various DIN levels specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The welding goggles are basically a very protective model. However, these glasses are often not available as safety glasses for people who wear glasses. In addition, so-called overprotective goggles are also available as work clothing, for example in the form of goggles. These models are basically suitable for people who wear glasses because they enough space for normal glasses bid under the frame. With the model, you have an unrestricted field of vision and a perfect alternative to prescription safety glasses. You can also choose between a rubber band or a strap.

The lenses of the protective goggles are generally enclosed by a wide rim in order to ideally protect your eyes.

Unfortunately, if you do not use normal prescription glasses, the overprotective glasses are not very effective as work clothing. Here would be one high quality safety glasses with prescription rather recommendable. Depending on the activity performed, these prescription work glasses can also be manufactured in a modern design. Ballistic models, such as laboratory goggles, can also be purchased as protective goggles. These laboratory goggles are ideal for use in chemistry and in the laboratory used for infrared, UV or laser examinations become. Last but not least, the special helmet protective goggles should be mentioned. Especially if you have to wear a helmet at work and therefore wear a construction helmet, a protective mask or a face shield with a protective visor as head protection, you should not take suitable eye protection lightly. Because like you in certain activities Wear a respirator, fine dust mask, full face mask or a safety helmet as a matter of course, you should also pay a lot of attention to protective goggles. The models are also considered professional safety glasses and they meet the safety requirements of DIN EN 166 for work glasses. you encompass the entire eye area and the elastic band also provides a non-slip hold on your work helmet. Unfortunately, the models are a bit more expensive than the other variants. But they offer the highest level of protection.

Goggles typesadvantagesdisadvantage
Design work glasses
  • can also be used optimally outside of work
  • very modern and still relatively safe
  • wide range of colors and feminine design possible
  • available with darkened lenses as sunglasses
  • not suitable for very dangerous work, e.g. forging
  • Comfort may vary
Sports goggles
  • suitable for professional, everyday and sporting use
  • ideal for cyclists
  • windproof closed
  • low dead weight
  • usually hold very well on the head
  • not or only with difficulty available as prescription safety glasses
  • not suitable for people who wear glasses
Welding goggles
  • very good protection
  • Glasses can be changed as needed
  • Rubber band always gives a secure hold
  • rather unsuitable for normal spectacle wearers
  • often not present in prescription
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses, as there is enough space at the frame
  • unrestricted field of vision with the 3m glasses
  • You can choose between a rubber band or a strap
  • ineffective without normal glasses
  • often just an alternative to prescription work glasses
Helmet goggles
  • professional safety glasses
  • meets all important safety regulations
  • greatest possible protection
  • very expensive
  • Design is a matter of taste


Advantages and disadvantages of safety glasses

Generally speaking, you can get good quality safety glasses many advantages receive. For example, they are ideally protected from sparks, dust or harmful substances. Especially with rimless models, your field of vision is not restricted while working at 3m. Unfortunately, however, work glasses with a correction of your eyesight are over a lot more expensive. However, you should invest a little more for optimal protection.

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The most important purchase criteria for safety glasses

Would you like to buy protective goggles like the Infield or Uvex protective goggles? Then you should pay attention to the following points, which result from a safety glasses test, when choosing.

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If you want to buy suitable protective goggles, then you should definitely use the so-called Take DIN standard EN 166 into account. You can tell from the inside of the respective frame whether the glasses you want have them. There is a corresponding marking here. You will also find the respective manufacturer's name, the protection level number, the basic use and also the actual area of ​​use.

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Temples or straps on the glasses

You can basically three different mounting options can be found in protective goggles. These would be a separate bracket or elastic band, or both attachment options together. Especially if both variants are available for one model, you will have one for later use greater scope.

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Hobby or professional use

In general, there is also protective goggles different quality levels. The designer goggles, for example, are generally not a very efficient protective solution for your eyes. These models are more suitable for dentists than welders. The more influences protective goggles have to withstand, the higher the actual protection of a model should be.

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In general, safety glasses are a very important item. After all, you can really work safely with the models. Before buying a model, find out exactly which glasses are best for you and your job. Also ask your employer about a cost sharing or potential discount options with contractual partners. In this way, you can also better finance prescription safety glasses.

If you wear glasses, you should look at a model too enough space in the lower frame respect, think highly of. This is the only way to optimally wear your normal glasses under the protective glasses. Otherwise, of course, you can also use prescription safety glasses. Especially the Uvex prescription glasses are here very popular.

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Have you made up your mind and want to buy protective goggles? Then you have probably already noticed the Uvex glasses during your search for a suitable model. And this is not surprising either. After all, the Uvex safety glasses are of a particularly high quality and they meet the highest security standards. In addition to Uvex safety glasses, a model from Infield, Bolle or Honeywell is also highly recommended.

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With high-quality safety glasses, you can concentrate on your work without any worries. If the size, the care required, the protection and also the material are right, you can use your safety glasses benefit very much. But it's better to invest in solid protection than a chic design. This is the only way to really be during your work optimally protected. You should be able to easily determine your personal test winner through a detailed protective glasses test.

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