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Let's see what the New Testament is about Passover says!
Let's find out what the New Testament says about the Passover.
To the Passover the Lord was with the twelve apostles.
The Lord had gathered together with the twelve Apostles for the feast of the Passover.
The Greek word means "fifty" and refers to the 50 days that have passed since Passover have passed.
The word PENTECOST, in turn, indicates the end of seven weeks (one week of weeks), where the PASSAFEST is celebrated on the fiftieth day after and gives us an (over) SABBATH.
The word PENTECOST again identifies the finish of seven weeks (a week of weeks) with the PASSOVER celebrating the fiftieth day and presenting us with a (super) SABBATH.
The Sabbath was abolished because the emperor made Sunday the official day of rest and worship, and in 325 the Council of Nicaea declared so Passover null and void.
In A.D. 321 the Sabbath was abolished as Sunday became the official day of rest and worship, and in A.D. 325 the Passover what abolished at the Council of Nicaea.
The last chance before Passover is on Friday, the day before that Passover is celebrated (cf. Luke 22: 3-6).
Their last chance before the feast of the Passover what on the Friday - during the day - before the celebration of the passover (cf. Luke 22: 3-6).
The first controversy over that Passover ended without result, and around 197 the Eastern and Western churches clashed again over the same dispute.
The first controversy over the Pasca (Passover) failed, and around A.D. 197 the Eastern and Western Churches clashed with each other over the same matter again.
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