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The advanced course is offered every Thursday in the winter semester from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • It is offered as a BA module and an MA module.
  • The number of participants is up 27 Students limited. (ATTENTION: Due to the pandemic situation, there may be further capacity restrictions)
  • Registration for the event is in each case from 01.09. - 30.09. d. J. possible in the LSF of the TU Dortmund.
  • IMPORTANT: Registration is based on the priority procedure. After the registration period, the admission status can be viewed in the LSF. Places are initially allocated to students in the master’s course. Free places will also be allocated to bachelor’s students after the registration period has ended.

A distinction is made between the following cases.

  • registered: The registration has not yet been processed
  • admitted: A seat has been allocated in the event
  • canceled: Unfortunately, all places were already taken.
  • Waiting list: Please appear for the first event. If an admitted participant does not appear, the place will be allocated according to the waiting list.

Failure to show up at the first event will result in a loss of space !!!


  • Substance data
    • Basic substance parameters
    • Mixed properties
    • Databases
    • Estimation methods
  • Phase equilibria
    • Equations of state
    • Activity coefficient models
  • Phase diagrams
  • Parameter adjustment
  • Aspen Properties

The lecture materials can be found in the event's Moodle work room (