What is a fan made of

Soccer fan or football supporter

Supporters of the players and the club

Imagine a soccer game without an audience - ghost games sometimes do. It's not the same as a normal soccer game, even if there are only 200 people watching a regional game, there is a good atmosphere and you cannot fail to hear people watching the game.

What is a soccer fan?

In addition to the normal visitors who want to see a game or children who are there for the first time, it is mainly them Fans, the in the stadium or on the football field have gathered to "their" team to support. The fan is a Supporter of his club and supports this with uniform battle chants and of course also comments on the game and discusses the actions with the neighbors.

The fan doesn't care how the game ends because they want their team to win. Many fans have also bought fan articles or have tinkered something themselves - the range extends from jackets with appropriate stickers to a huge club logo to scarfs, caps and other utensils, and these articles are also important sources of income for the football club. The fan is not only a money maker, he also really supports the team very strongly.

Every football statistic shows that this is the case, because a home game is won so often because you are supported by many fans at home, while you also have fans away from home, but of course the hosts have a lot more fans behind them and they have the support on their part which is also necessary for motivation and self-confidence. This not only applies to amateur teams, but also to professional teams. Even the leaders of the league struggle to win a game away and it is much easier for them to win at home. The fan plays an essential role in the results and in the way the team performs.