Who would win Broly against Vegeta?

The competition has already ended, participation is no longer possible!

“Dragonball Super: Broly” will return to German cinemas in the dubbed version at the end of July after the successful event (OmU) at the beginning of the year. The voice actors include Tommy Morgenstern & Oliver Siebeck with them. We are giving away two times two guest list places in a cinema in Berlin. Find out how you can win at the end of the article!


In the latest cinema adventure from the Dragon Ball universe, Son Goku and Vegeta face their old adversary Freezer again. But this is not alone, but is accompanied by Saiyajin Broly, who was believed to be lost. He was once exiled by the Saiyajin together with his father Paragus and now wants to take revenge on the last survivors of the proud warrior people ...

On January 29th, the KAZÉ Anime Nights opened the 2019 season with “Dragonball Super: Broly”.

Success story:

Over 104,000 fans attended the premiere in the original version with German subtitles in the cinema in January and made the latest Dragonball movie the most successful anime event in German cinemas.

From July 30th, “Dragonball Super: Broly” will return to German and Austrian cinemas. This time in the German dubbed version with the popular "Dragonball-Z" cast about Tommy Morgenstern (Son Goku), Oliver Siebeck (Vegeta) and David Nathan (Piccolo). Broly is also voiced again by Gerrit Schmidt-Foss, who gave Son Goku's Saiyan rival his voice in "Dragonball Z" - The legendary Super Saiyan.

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