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MP: Complaints about deaths due to lack of oxygen, now 5 lives lost in Bhopal

There have been reports of patient deaths from lack of oxygen from many areas of Madhya Pradesh. Recently, 12 patients died due to low oxygen pressure in the Shahdol district. It is now reported that 5 patients came to the Bhopal hospital due to lack of life oxygen. Former Prime Minister Kamal Nath has also accused the Shivraj government of deficiencies in health care.

In Madhya Pradesh, there have been reports of deaths from lack of oxygen in Jabalpur, Shahdol, Bhopal, Khandwa, Gwalior, Rewa and many other districts.

The state government can claim that there is sufficient oxygen. But the news coming from different districts is terrifying. On April 19, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan held a meeting with his ministers through video conferencing on the current situation in Corona. Leader Bisahulal Singh, who is from the Shahdol area, said himself that Shahdol's hospital corona patients died from a lack of oxygen.

According to Dainik Bhaskar's report, Shahdol's additional collector Arpit Verma had confirmed 12 deaths due to a lack of oxygen.

Kamal Nath addressed the problem of lack of oxygen

Former Prime Minister Kamal Nath said that 13 people died of lack of oxygen in the past 56 days. Kamal Nath raised many questions about the Shivraj government.

Now again the sad news of the death of many patients due to the lack of in the state capital Bhopal ...? 56 people died of lack of oxygen in 13 days? All claims about the oxygenation of the liabilities have been proven wrong ...? When and how will this government wake up in its sleep? Those who call the people God and themselves as priests, who are on their knees before them in the elections today, have not claimed the people and trust God? Is the level of recklessness, negligence, failure, and irresponsible attitude now?

According to the report, many Shivraj cabinet ministers raised the issue of oxygen starvation in their areas when meeting with prime ministers. Rural Development Minister Mahendra Sisodia said there was a lack of oxygen and remedisvir injections.

On 12.897. April 19 new corona cases came to the state

The condition of corona infection is becoming serious in Madhya Pradesh. New corona cases set new records every day. The day before, 12,897 new corona cases and 79 people died in the state. There are approximately 75 active cases in the state, which is cause for concern.

Questions are also asked about the official Corona numbers. From tests to the number of deaths, the opposition is constantly attacking the government.