What is your healthiest long term habit

Implementing healthy habits in everyday life: 10 tips that are worthwhile in the long term

Quite simply fit and healthy in everyday life

Now is the time to start implementing our resolutions. "Lose weight, become more athletic, more successful or happier" are some of the goals for the new year. Often we set the standards so high that we don't even know how to achieve them. They tend to scare us off and after a few weeks we have lost sight of our resolutions again. Start with small steps! When you incorporate these healthy habits into your daily life, you will soon see a huge difference.

Have a large glass of water in the morning: You probably haven't had anything to drink for about 8 hours and sweated out about half a liter of fluid while you sleep. In order to compensate for the loss of fluid and get the metabolism going, the glass of water should not be missing in the morning.

Start the day: positive thoughts after getting up

Many people are in a bad mood as soon as the alarm goes off. Then it's just a matter of getting around the working day as quickly as possible so that you can finally do what you really want in the evening. But negative thoughts in the morning usually run like a red thread through the whole day and create a bad mood. Instead, choose to be happy. As soon as you wake up, focus on what you are grateful for in your life and think about how you can make this day the best of your life. Make every day to do your best.

Strengthen teeth, gums and the immune system: With theOil pulling

Oil pulling comes from Ayurveda and is said to strengthen teeth, gums and the immune system and also to reduce bad breath and bleeding gums. To do this, take a teaspoon of high-quality cold-pressed organic oil, e.g. olive, sunflower or coconut oil and stir it back and forth in your mouth for at least 10 minutes. Pull the oil through the spaces between your teeth until viruses, bacteria, and fungi have migrated into the oil. Then spit it out and brush your teeth as you normally would.

Swap coffee for tea

If you can't do without caffeine in the morning, you should at least swap your coffee for green tea. Green tea also contains caffeine, but this has a completely different effect than the one in coffee. The tea leaves contain less caffeine than the coffee bean and the active ingredient is bound to tannins so that the organism can absorb the caffeine more slowly and store it longer. Thanks to its numerous antioxidants, green tea is also said to have a healing effect.

Exercise in the morning makes you fit for the day

Integrate more exercise into your everyday life. Going for a walk, jogging, cycling or working out - those who move in the morning start the day stronger and with a clear conscience.

Try to incorporate fresh, unprocessed foods into your menu as much as possible.

Clean eating

Avoid pizza, pasta and cake and try to incorporate more fresh, unprocessed food into your menu every day. Natural ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, salad, meat, fish and whole grain products are in the foreground and are freshly prepared. Anyone who no longer buys industrial food automatically forego sweeteners, sugar, coloring and flavoring substances, flavor enhancers and unhealthy trans fats.

Include fermented foods in your diet

Fermentation is a natural process that humans have used for millennia to preserve food. Fermenting produces microorganisms, so-called probiotics, which promote intestinal health and strengthen the immune system. Fermented foods include fresh sauerkraut, natural yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, miso or tempeh. You can also simply ferment your vegetables yourself. You can find out how this works here.

Healthy snacks for on the go

To keep your blood sugar level constant and avoid food cravings, you should always have some healthy snacks with you. These can be nuts, fruits, berries, energy balls or sugar-free muesli bars.

More sport without compulsion

At the beginning of each year, fitness center registrations skyrocket. But after just a few months, the training is neglected and you get annoyed about the minimum contract period, from which you can no longer get out. Fitness DVDs or YouTube videos offer a non-binding alternative to the fitness center. All you need in addition to a DVD player or internet connection is a little space and a yoga or fitness mat. You can start your personal fitness program whenever you feel like it.

You can also start your personal fitness program at home.

Total relaxation

At least one day a week, you should only do what you really feel like doing. For most people, that's Sunday. On that day, try to just let yourself go with the flow without making any stressful plans.

The cell phone has to stay outside

Check emails in the evening and in the morning the first glance is straight at the cell phone: for many, the smartphone has become a bed neighbor. Often the cell phone stays on even at night so as not to miss anything important. But this makes sleep too short and not deep enough. In addition, the health risks of cell phones have hardly been researched. It should therefore not be taken to bed with you and preferably not even taken into the bedroom.

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