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Schäfer's - a successful brand with tradition

We love baked goods - since 1898.

As a 100% subsidiary in the strong corporate group of EDEKA Minden-Hannover, Schäfer`s is a competent and efficient bakery with an unmistakable tradition. Baking has been a passion for us for more than 100 years.
Starting with the careful selection of exquisite raw materials, we combine our baking culture with in-house recipes in a unique way and combine this with innovative manufacturing processes and modern technology. This sets quality standards that are recognized by our customers and guarantees the highest quality baked goods and unique enjoyment.

Our company at a glance

Love for baking since 1898

Baking is our passion - quality & freshness our promise

The basis of our thoughts and actions is the demand for the highest quality:
In order to consistently continue our quality standards, all Comprehensive testing of raw materialsbefore we process them into real Schäfer's specialties. In addition, our Production facilities regularly by an independent institute hygiene tested. In order to do justice to our quality awareness, we process as much as possible many raw materials from Germany and the region. Because of this connection, we are also based in our range regional specialities. That makes us the baker from the region for the region. Freshness forms the basis for our quality standards.
Exquisite raw materials that are processed at their optimal quality point in time and unique recipes create baked goods that inspire our customers every day. Experience our claim to quality and freshness with our diverse selection of specialties baked on site. Let yourself be seduced by our oven-warm products, incomparable in taste, uniquely fresh and outstanding in quality.

Schäfer's commitment to enjoyment

We at Schäfer’s know from long experience: Bread is naturally a delight.

At least if you practice your bakery trade with knowledge and passion - and add a few special tricks every now and then. We have been living this baking culture since 1898 out of love for baking and enjoying bread.

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Good ingredients are the basis for good bread - this simple rule has not changed to this day. That's why we take a close look at our raw materials: starting with the selection of exquisite ingredients, the grain in your Schäfer’s bread preferably comes from the region. In addition, all raw materials are carefully checked before we process them into real Schäfer’s specialties. A high demand on the quality of our products - which is regularly confirmed by independent tests.

There is a good reason why we have always cultivated the baking culture in our bakeries: We value bread as a natural product. In order to ensure that the bite into your favorite bread is a pleasure full of character, we give it that little extra time and appreciation. Because this is exactly what our bakers need night after night for the care of our homemade dough, so that the unique taste can develop through maturation and processing can take place at its optimal quality.

As much as we are committed to tradition: of course we also use intelligent technology. Modern systems and processes have become indispensable from the point of view of sustainability alone - an aspect that is sincerely important to us. They also take on arduous tasks and keep our employees' backs free. This gives them more time and creative freedom for the most important ingredient: the proverbial knack for something special. At heart we are and will remain bakers.

We have retained one thing over the years: our curiosity about what can be made of grain. It is therefore no coincidence that the variety at Schäfer’s also meets the special taste. And always makes you want to discover anew.

Schäfer’s has bread that everyone likes to cut a slice of. A real treat. Until the last crumb.

The way to a successful brand

The foundation stone of Schäfer’s was laid by Daniel Rennekamp on October 1st, 1898 in Kleinenbremen, Porta Westfalica. Surely he would never have dreamed that his village bakery would one day grow into a bakery that is at home in many German regions.

In 1952, the third generation of the bakery was taken over by the son-in-law Werner Schäfer.

In 1962 the company in Porta Westfalica grew into the "Schäfer’s bakery".
In the mid-1970s, Werner Schäfer sold his company to EDEKA Minden-Hanover.

Since then, the company has grown steadily and is now at home in five regions:
Porta Westfalica, taught near Hanover, Sülzetal / Osterweddingen near Magdeburg, Teutschenthal near Halle / Saale and Berlin.

Discover our products in over 750 branches.
Whether in the advance checkout area at EDEKA, Marktkauf or in our unique specialist shops and bakery cafés, the smell of fresh baked goods and a unique taste experience will seduce you. A real pleasure for all the senses.