What does the word lexicon mean


In the past, lexicons were printed on paper, here the “Bertelsmann Lexikothek” from 1983. Today they are mostly on the Internet, like Wikipedia.

Look up what you want to know in a lexicon. The lexicon can be a book, a series of books, a CD-ROM, or a website such as Wikipedia and the Lexicon. The lexicon contains information that is of interest to many people. Typically, an encyclopedia deals with many different areas of knowledge or subjects, such as art, history, geography, and nature. A technical lexicon, on the other hand, describes a single area of ​​knowledge or scientific subject.

The word lexicon comes from the Greek and means something like "word". The plural is called lexica. Another term for lexicon is encyclopedia, which also comes from the Greek. It is not known exactly what it means, but it may have something to do with being about a lot of different things.

Many lexicons are arranged in alphabetical order. So you look for the term via the letters with which it begins. But there are also lexicons that are sorted according to the topics: First all the countries in Africa, then those in America and so on. This is then called a manual. Or you can arrange a lexicon according to time: first what happened first, then what happened after, and so on. Some lexicons explain the terms with very long descriptions, others with very short descriptions.