Why is London your favorite city

10 reasons why you could love London

I love, love, love London - my absolute favorite city. Today I'll tell you my 10 favorite things or 10 reasons why you too could love London. London is great - you will definitely fall in love too when you see and appreciate everything that I love about London in London - often consciously perceive, stop and enjoy.
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Let's talk about… ART

London is such a real art city - there is graffiti, street paintings, street musicians and artists everywhere. I hardly know a city where art plays such a big role as in London. Austria is really uptight in many respects and even if we have many museums, art is not taken as seriously here as in many other countries. I love to stroll through London and often just stop and listen to the musicians or watch the artists perform.

Harry Potter

... plays such a big role in London and that's actually one of the main reasons why you too could love London. There are Harry Potter associations everywhere and everything reminds you of Harry Potter. Not only the Harry Potter Studios a bit outside of London are incredibly impressive, also a lot of places inside London are reminiscent of certain scenes in the Harry Potter parts. But maybe there will be a separate post soon (a post why Edinburgh is a must for Harry Potter fans, I have already published here).

Food, food, food

To this day I haven't been to any country or city that has convinced me as much in terms of food as London. It is not without reason that my Lokaltipps London post is clearly the longest of its kind. In addition to a lot of healthy hipster food, there is also a lot of cool, classic, not so healthy food. Vegan and gluten-free options practically everywhere, everything in such a way that one would like to lie in and toss in them three times. You can tell I love the London food.


If you are used to the Viennese charm (attention, sarcasm!), Then you will be happy about every person who does not treat you and look at you as if you were a ten-year-old toilet - but the people in London are really very friendly . Somehow everyone is totally open and happy to get involved in, at least superficial, conversations. The staff in the bars are also super friendly and yes, they are polite too, the British.

Beautiful and totally hip at the same time

I think hardly any city manages to combine beautiful architecture, stylish buildings and lovely country houses AND being cool and hip at the same time. London can do that. London has the most beautiful houses and I would actually move in anywhere immediately because it feels a bit like dreaming. London has incredibly impressive sights and if you drive a little further out, you also get the British country house charm. And at the same time, London is just damn hip and progressive and you get the feeling the city is twenty years ahead of others. Incidentally, on my beautiful-and-hip-scale, Vienna will soon be moving to London, although Vienna is more beautiful and serious and less hip. Berlin, for example, is only hip and cool, but actually not beautiful. I think Florence is incredibly beautiful, but not really cool. Amsterdam can do pretty well with beautiful-and-hip at the same time.

Squirrel lovers take note

... you get your money's worth in London! I now visit the squirrels in St. James Park every time I stay in London and I am downright in love with these cheeky creatures. The squirrels in the park are so used to people that they can be hand-fed and even hop on you if you hold a nut in their hand. The question is whether this is ethically correct - but since I'm absolutely crazy about squirrels, I always try to hide it for the moment and enjoy the hours with the little fur noses.

Market life is a beautiful life.

I don't know of any city that has as many cool markets to offer as London. Whether Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market, Borough Market - or Camden Market, I love them all. The former two are my absolute favorites and every time I come to London I visit the two markets that are right next to each other. Everywhere there is incredibly good food, cute little shops and countless new impressions.

Teatime is not a dream, but a daily reality

Even if it sounds clichéd, almost everyone in London seems to do it and the afternoon croissant or scones are really part of a balanced day. Eat around the clock without a guilty conscience? I think that's good - for me (and for you too) definitely a reason why you should love London.

Proximity to water

I love cities that are on the water - Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, all of my favorite cities are built close to the water. So loving London is really easy for me in that regard. There is a lot of inland water in London - whether in a large form à la Thames or in a smaller form such as that almost every large park has its own lake or water reservoir. In St. James’s Park in particular, the influence of water from the countless water birds is particularly noticeable and the small pond definitely enhances Regent’s Park. Water = really great love.

What London does to you

No city triggers as much in me as London. As soon as I'm in St. James Park, when I'm going round Picadilly Circus, strolling through Covent Garden or looking out of the window in one of the rooftop bars in the evening, I'm happy - and can't believe how beautiful life can be . London is a little bit of freedom, a little deep breath, a lot of amazement and a unique attitude towards life. I like London, both in the sun and in the rain, in the warm and cold, with company and alone. You have to experience London, you have to feel London - and then it’s very easy and almost automatically to love London, for sure.

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