Who can say they enjoyed boot camp

We went to boot camp - and survived.

Open skies, a professional trainer and team spirit - these are the beautiful sides of the new fitness trend HIIT in boot camp. The camp's nickname reveals what is really behind it: Welcome to the Blut Camp! Our editor dared. And survived.

I actually consider myself sporty. However, I am often too hasty, which is why I go to Original Bootcamp for my first HIIT (High intensity interval training) registered: Tuesday, 5:45 p.m., meeting at the city forest. And in fact the other camp participants and their trainer Claas are already standing there and greet them with the words: “Hey Linda, nice to have you here. Welcome to the blood camp. " Everybody is laughing. I also pretend.

Coach Claas, however, is a pedagogue enough to see the horror at me. "Do not worry! We only call it blood camp because Frank cut himself on a blade of grass last week. " Well, that's really funny. I laugh. Still!

HIIT - high intensity interval training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of functional training that trains both endurance and strength. Intensive stress phases alternate with short periods of rest. Many HIIT workouts follow the motto: Short and painful! A unit sometimes only lasts 30 minutes.HIIT in fitness boot camps is done in the fresh air, in groups and under the guidance of a professional trainer. A unit usually lasts an hour. Further information, for example, at: www.original-bootcamp.com

Fitness Boot Camp: training in the open air

The sneakers are laced and together we go to a nearby clearing. Time for one Competitive analysis: We are nine participants in total, between 20 and 50 years of age. They all look sporty, but still normal; in any case, I still feel competitive. My colleagues have already completed the high intensity interval training several times, but nobody sees themselves as extreme athletes.

Now is the time to warm up. Claas shows, we imitate: Circling the shoulder, stretching, stretching, hopping, lunging. Exercises that may warm my muscles but leave my sportsmanship cold. And while I stretch my calves so sure of victory, my gaze wanders past the concentrated faces of my colleagues, across the lush green meadow, to the edge of the forest, the park benches, up to the sparkling blue sky and the warm evening sun that our little gymnast Treff dives into a cozy atmosphere. "Training in the open air is really nice", I disturb the warm-up calm. “That's right,” say the others. “It's great in the sun, the thrill only comes when it's cold and rainy. Boot camp is not for fair-weather athletes. " Goodbye, romance.

Ready before you start

Claas divides us HIIT disciples into three groups and explains the first exercise: forearm support. The tips of the feet and forearms touch the ground, the rest of the body is held horizontally in the air. Meanwhile, a member has to run to the big oak tree on the edge of the meadow, pick up a card and perform the exercise described on it. From jumping jacks to push-ups to squats, everything is included. Once the exercise has been completed, the participant runs back to his group, positions himself in the forearm rest and another group participant starts running. Sounds easy, but it's not. The strenuous thing is not even the exercises, but staying in the forearm support. My muscles are trembling. The first drop of sweat drips from the nose. And that's just how I manage to get my head off the ground far enough that I don't bite the grass. Damn it, I think and agree with the roar of my team partner Thomas, who is currently driving team partner Frank on his sprint to the oak tree: “Go faster. Frank, you lame snail, go ahead. I can't hold it anymore. " The tone is sharp, but kind of funny.

Punishment is part of boot camp

The group that has completed the most exercise sheets wins. A short break while the loser groups have to do ten punishing exercises. Of course, I wasn't in the winning group. But the winners' break is only brief. Because it goes straight on. With the actual HIIT. "So far everything has only been a warm-up phase," says Claas, robbing me of the last illusion of my personal fitness. My heart rate feels similar and is somewhere between 180 and overkill.

Team motivation for the strength and endurance circuit

Fortunately, the others snort too. If they can do it, I'll do it too. At least I have to admit: It's fun. So we follow the instructions of our always happy HIIT trainer. The first interval circuit is an endurance course. Here you have to hop, run, jump jumping jacks, do squats and trot over small poles with your knees pulled up. In the other circuit, strength training stations are set up. Here you have to lift dumbbells, throw medicine balls and do various exercises with your own body weight.

And then the music is on. All participants go to an exercise position, perform it and run straight to the next station. Those who dawdle not only train too laxly, but also disturb the group dynamics. So lift, run and jump as if stung by a tarantula. Unfortunately, cheating is not an option either. Claas has his eyes everywhere. He switches between stations, corrects, encourages and looks out of the corner of my eye when I try to steal away with seven instead of ten squats. Damn it! After two rounds of the endurance circuit, the music stops. Short break. Then we switch to the strength course. What I don't know by then: The whole game will then be repeated again. Perhaps it is also a good thing that I do not have this premonition. Because I already give everything in the first lap.

Finished! But happy!

It is exhausting, but the exercises in the open air still feel like a class reunion on the adventure playground as what it is effective: an intensive strength and endurance training. We blood campers are fellow sufferers, push each other and try not to be caught by the trainer. In addition, a late summer evening, fresh air, cool music. So far I'm a Boot Camp fan.

But then comes round two. Again to the endurance group. Again the power stations. Claas again. Only this time with significantly less power. I whistle on the last hole. The arms are trembling. The legs are heavy as lead. I pray, fear, abuse Claas and go to the floor exhausted at the exact moment when the music ends. I can't anymore, neither can the others. I did it. I have neither embarrassed myself nor let the group down. Instead, I did something for my bikini figure and even had a lot of fun, a great view and a great team feeling. So I bathe in sweat, but to be honest also a little triumphant. Me Before we go to the cooldown together, we clap each other. YES, we can!

So this was my first boot camp. Fortunately, nobody bleeds. A lot of passion goes into this. Everyone wants to come back. Me too. At least that's what I said in all the euphoria. But a promise is a promise. Boot camp is not for pissers!

Cover picture: Original Bootcamp

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