Who cursed Dasaratha

Canto 61 - Vishnu is cursed by Bhrigu

So asked by the high-souled Lakshmana, Sumantra began to tell the secret of Durbasa's story: "A long time ago the great ascetic Durbasa, the son of Atri, lived for a year in the holy hermitage of Vasishta. the most radiant and famous Dasaratha, this place, because he wanted to see the high-souled priest Vasishta. There he also met the great ascetic Durbasa, shining as the sun shone as he sat to the right of Vasishta. Your father humbly greeted these two leaders Ascetics. They too welcomed him, offered him a place and water for his feet, arghya, fruits and roots. So your father enjoyed the company of these ascetics. Around noon all the ascetics sat down and began to talk about various pleasant ones Subjects to talk about. During a pause, Dasaratha asked the high-souled son of Atri, Durbasa, rich in asceticism, with raised arms and folded hands: "Oh famous Lord, how long will my family last? What is the life span given to Rama and my other sons? How long will the descendants of Rama live? And what will the end of my gender be? Explain all this to me. "The most radiant Durbasa replied:" Hear the old story, O king. During the battle between the celestials and the Asuras, the hard-pressed demons sought refuge in the wife of Bhrigu, your priest. Bhrigu's wife had promised them help, and so they lived fearlessly. When Hari, the Lord of Heaven, saw that the demons were being helped by Bhrigu's wife, he angrily severed her head with his sharp disc. But Bhrigu became angry with his killed wife and cursed Vishnu, the enemy subjugator: "Besides you in anger you have killed my wife, who did not deserve death. Therefore, O Vishnu, you should be born in the realm of mortals. And there you shall be separated from your wife for many long years. " After casting the curse, Bhrigu endured great pain. And reconciled by his admiration, Vishnu, who leaned towards the disciples, replied: "After I have slain Ravana and the others, I will bow to this curse for the good of mankind." O you creator of kings, the shining Vishnu was once cursed by the Bhrigu in ancient times. He was born in this birth as your son and is celebrated under the name of Rama. O you transmitter of honor, Rama will surely reap the fruits of Bhrigu's curse. He will reign in Ayodhya for a long time. All of his subjects will be happy and wealthy. After ruling eleven thousand years, he will enter the Brahma region. Nobody will be able to destroy it. He will perform many horse sacrifices with rich gifts and establish many royal families. And he will have two sons by Sita. "After the brilliant great ascetic Durbasa had revealed the past and future of his family to Dasaratha, he became silent. The great King Dasaratha bowed to the silent ascetics and returned to Ayodhya. I have all Words of the great Durbasa heard. Till this day they have been hidden in my heart. The words of the Rishis will never be fruitless. According to these words, Rama will put the two sons of Sita on the throne of Ayodhya and no one else. Under these circumstances, O Lakshmana, you shouldn't cry for Sita or Rama. Be patient on their behalf. " After this wonderful speech by the charioteer Sumantra, Lakshmana became happy again and praised him many times. Talking like that, they made their way back until the sun went down. Then they spent the night on the bank of the Kesini.