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Translation of "valuable" in Dutch

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waardevol kostbaar belangrijk waarde


Fresh vegetables are currently like that precious like meat.
Verse groenten is net tegenwoordig net zo waardevol as vers vlees.
You are like that precious, Cassandra.
It just makes what happened precious.
Het maakt alleen precious wat he mis what.
Endangered species and habitats are precious and irreplaceable.
Bedreigde dieren en habitats zijn een precious en onvervangbaar goed.
Elena could do a lot for her precious be.
Before hen zou Elena heel erg belangrijk can zijn.
And for me, knowledge is something that is extreme precious is.
Blue stone is precious for Apaches.
From the point of view of Polish and European consumers, the initiative is precious.
Dit is een waardevol initiatief vanuit het gezichtspunt van de Poolse en European consumer.
He is beyond measure for you precious.
But you are too much precious for us.
She is too much precious for this.
I didn't know nail files and clippers like that precious are.
Ik wist niet dat nagelvijlen en nagelknippers zo waardevol were.
I know your time is very much precious.
Or is life too precious?
And if people love something, they will precious.
En as mensen ergens van houden 't waardevol.
In a moment you will know why precious is.
Your relationships in Chasma are closed precious.
You were to the Khan precious.
I wish any of my mistakes were like this precious been.
I wou dat een van mijn fouten zo waardevol What.
The child becomes very precious be for her.
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