How does public transport work in Portugal

Transport and rental cars


Public transportation

In all major cities there is an efficient one Local transport system at affordable prices. You not only save parking fees, but also time and nerves if you use the metro or buses during the day. On city trips to Lisbon and Porto, you are by no means dependent on your own vehicle or taxis. Of course, we will explain to you in your individual travel documents how to get to the individual attractions by public transport.

The Portuguese rail network has - as far as speed is concerned - significantly improved in recent years; however, it was very thinned out, especially in rural regions. Accordingly, these can only be easily reached with your own car or rental car in the area. The same goes for many of Portugal's dream beaches and nature reserves. We also have a large number of accommodations in our program, which are located in a quiet, isolated location in unspoilt nature. It is therefore advisable to have your own means of transport for longer trips in Portugal, especially those in rural areas - be it a car, motorcycle or bicycle.


Today's taxis in Portugal are beige and ivory in color, but you can still see old models with black paint and green roof. The inner-city fare is always displayed on the fare meter (taximeter). An additional fee of € 0.80 is charged for calling a taxi via radio; for luggage transport in the trunk, € 1.60, regardless of the number and weight of the luggage. The transport of baby baskets, strollers, wheelchairs and walking aids is free of charge. Any toll charges incurred on journeys between two locations are borne by the customer, for the outward and return journeys. Tipping is voluntary, around 10% of the fare is common. A list of the current prices is posted inside the taxi or can be requested from the taxi driver


Bike and hiking

Portugal has been expanding heavily in recent yearsLong-distance hiking and cycling trails invested. These offer a particularly good opportunity to get to know the country at a quiet pace and away from the hustle and bustle. You don't have to forego any amenities, because along the individual routes we will bring you to excellent accommodation and have a lot of self-tested restaurant recommendations ready for you. A reliable and safe luggage transport between the respective accommodations is a matter of course and we are happy to adapt the level of catering (packed lunches, lunch and dinner) to your needs. We also provide detailed maps for our hiking and cycling trips, and if desired, these can also be carried out with your own guide. Thanks to our numerous contacts with reliable bike rental companies, it is not necessary to bring your own bike to Portugal. Depending on how much time you have available and how fit you feel, we will put together an individually tailored hiking or cycling route for you.

Rental car

There is a lot to be said for a trip to Portugal with a rental car: You are flexible in terms of time and can move freely, even far from the beaten tourist track. This will greatly enhance your vacation in Portugal, because the rural regions in particular are absolutely authentic and original.

Driving in Portugal is also no greater challenge for the driver than in German-speaking countries. It is actually rather easier because apart from Lisbon and Porto the motorways are much less busy than here. The motorways and the larger national roads are also in very good condition.

Sure, in big cities like Lisbon and Porto, driving a car can be nerve-wracking. But we're planning yours Portugal rental car tour so that you don't have a rental car in these cities. Example: You start the round trip in Porto and only take over the rental car on the day you leave Porto. You could end the tour in Lisbon and drop off the rental car as soon as you get there. Depending on the city (Porto or Lisbon) and the location of the accommodation, we will show you whether it makes more sense to pick up or drop off the rental car at the hotel (for a fee), at the city station or at the airport.

In addition, you will receive a lot of helpful information in your travel documents, which will make your rental car trip much easier. In addition to extremely detailed route descriptions, we give you tips on accepting the rental car (e.g. do I need additional insurance?) As well as for the further course of the journey (e.g. I can - and if so, where - leave my car with luggage to take a look around). Even after the trip, we will support you in all matters: If you have caused damage, for example, we will help you so that you get the excess back quickly and unbureaucratically. And last but not least, we provide you with comprehensive information on how the toll works in Portugal and how you can use it in the easiest and cheapest way.

We work together with various car rental companies, so we can offer you a wide range of vehicle categories (small, medium-sized, station wagon, van, convertible, with / without automatic transmission) and, depending on the situation, select the best provider for you. For example, if you want to accept the rental car in Lisbon and return it in Faro, we prefer to choose a car rental company that does not incur any additional charges for one-way rentals (= renting a rental car at one station and dropping it off at another station). When making the selection, we take into account your personal needs and other important details such as additional drivers or fuel regulations in order to then deliver the rental car with the best price-performance ratio to offer.

Our rental car trips always receive a All inclusive package with the following services:

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Fully comprehensive insurance (CDW), without excess
  • Tire and glass damage insurance
  • Car theft insurance (TP), with no excess
  • Liability insurance
  • Liability coverage, unlimited for personal injury and property damage
  • Airport charges and taxes
  • Fuel policy: usually take full, give back full

Other services are included or depending on the provider bookable for a surcharge:

  • Additional driver
  • Hotel delivery and / or drop-off
  • Insurance of roof and underbody damage
  • Loss of the vehicle key
  • One-way rental fees
  • Toll collection device
  • Child / baby seats
  • mobile navigation device
  • Border crossings

Please note:

  • Rental car prices are current prices. From the time of our offer to the time of your booking, the price of the rental car may change.
  • To take over the rental car, the (main) driver (i.e. the one in whose name the rental car was booked) needs a valid credit card; the second driver cannot use his credit card to provide the deposit; The deposit of a cash deposit is only possible in absolute exceptional cases on request.
  • it is customary to leave a deposit equal to the excess; the amount is usually not debited from the credit card, but only blocked.
  • 24-hour rule: the rental car must be returned at the latest at the same time that you received it. Otherwise, an additional rental day will be charged (we already take this into account in our offers if possible / necessary)