Should I meditate

Is meditation Morning or evening more effective?

Those who orient themselves to the Asian teachings have to be brave:

When the sun has not yet risen and the last star has disappeared ... when day and night combine ...

This transition period (in Sanskrit:Sandhya), is used in the Indian scripts as best time for spiritual practice mentioned. Especially in the morningAfter the quiet time in sleep, the mind is still clear and unmoved from the day's activities. Even according to the teachings of the TraditionalChinese medicine or des Ayurveda the best conditions for meditation are given in the early morning hours. These state that the functions in our body according to the internal clock orientate. Be like that from about five o'clock our organs are active and the flow of energy is mobilized.

Before all morning grouches (I am one myself) stop reading: The most important thing is to give personal mental care a fixed place in the daily routinelike brushing your teeth, showering and going to bed. This is how cultivating the mind becomes beneficial routinethat you no longer want to do without.

What speaks for meditation in the morning

Meditate in the morning? Doesn't work out!“, Could be your thought. For most people, the morning is tightly calculated. But maybe, for example, another activity can be postponed until later?

In my early days, for example, I canceled my morning cell phone check. Instead, I used these ten minutes for the quiet introspection. And to this day I can calmly state that I haven't missed anything.

On the contrary: I am still amply rewarded by the daily meditation in the morning: With the fresh morning mind, it is much easier to come into concentration for the introspection and to shape it. Because if the mind is set to the quiet and clarity mode in the morning, these drag themselves wholesome qualities through the whole day.

It is one of those now wonderful enrichment for my life I have to get up an hour earlier to have enough time for my practice.

By the way: A study by Kentucky University has shown that Meditating regularly reduces the need for sleep. I can confirm that.

What speaks for meditation in the evening

If it cannot be set up in the morning, the evening is also a variant to practice mental health. Here would be againSandhya - this time the transition from day to night - the ideal time.

But the most important thing is to find a time window where you can easily arrange to meditate on a regular basis. Think about how often you have evening appointments, whether you come home late, how long family time lasts, etc. - and whether you then just fall into bed tired. So the question is: How realistic is it to have enough energy and leisure for a meditation session in the evening?

What speaks for meditation during the day

If you meditate regularly, you can easily incorporate short meditation units in between during the day: in the car (in a traffic jam), in the subway (instead of looking at the cell phone), at the toilet (the famous place of silence). Post-its on your desk, reminders in your appointment calendar, on the home screen on your mobile phone or even a meditation buddy in the office will help you not to forget.

A little refreshment of calm and clarity in between is always a wonderful gift for yourself.

Then there is probably only one question left: When is the best time for you?
Here you can read where: