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AEW Dynamite # 15 - Bash At The Beach

#DateUserRatingComment125.03.2021Brainbuster rhymes7.0209.10.2020CosmicWaterWave8.0This was a good entertaining show with some pros and cons. Pros: The fatal 4-way tag match, Inner Circle exact retribution on Moxley, Cody accepting MJF's stipulations, A fun 6 man tag match and the main event. Cons: Jim Ross continuing to make mistakes, a sloppy women's tag match, and some botches. A well-built up event leading up to the Jericho Cruise.303.09.2020simonrinzlersxe10.0412.06.2020EdgeGF8.0508.05.2020King of Strong Style8.0607.04.2020Damian6.0Good show with a bad main event. Opener was great and the DDP 3v3 was really fun and engaging. The show was an improvement from last week's.728.03.2020Crippler Crossface7.0826.03.2020Telecine6.0Another decent edition of Dynamite. The opener is a great start with fast in-ring action and a high number of strokes. In contrast to other AEW Multi Men matches, you don't lose track of things in this match and the performers don't show any spots for their own sake. Then the Women's-Tag Match brings me back down to earth. I have the feeling that the AEW Women's Division cannot reach the level in the ring that is otherwise usual for AEW at the moment. For the third time in a row, the women's match is on the negative side on my note. Moxley-Guevara was then average and the beat down through the Inner Circle was rather interchangeable with the exception of the Augenstich spot. The Six Man Tag was neat and with DDP a little nostalgia trip, although it was clear that the match is just a vehicle to strengthen MJF before his match against Cody. Its promo was decent, but I could have done without the "old school heel" comment. I don't need a worked shoot in my wrestling. That just seems silly to me. At the end of the evening there is a strong main event between PAC and Darby Allin, which in the end seems like a pretty clear matter for PAC. Even if Darby Allin was able to show offensive actions, he sells most of the time spectacularly, so that PAC emerges from the match even stronger in the end. So next week it will be all about portraying Moxley like a clear outsider, so that his presumed victory will be all the greater. For me, Dynamite has now found a certain rhythm so that a solid level is reached every week. However, the shows are far from being 8 to 10 point shows for me. I'm glad there is an alternative for North American wrestling fans who are frustrated by WWE, but that alone is no reason for me to praise the shows to the sky.919.03.2020PUNQ6.0Very entertaining episode of AEW. Kenny Omega & Adam Page -vs- Chuck Taylor & Trent -vs- Ortiz & Santana -vs- Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson [** 3/4] This is how you open a show. A match to increase the enthusiasm. In the big picture this tag wasn't that important, but it was an entertaining action match which had the adrenaline the crowd wanted. Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander -vs- Brandi Rhodes & Mel [**] Got quite good. Would have been better had they subbed Brandi, but otherwise this had it's purpose. Jon Moxley -vs- Sammy Guevara [* 1/2] A slow mock with Guevara being overly cocky before tapping overly quick. January 15, 2020 - MJF & The Blade & The Butcher -vs- Diamond Dallas Page & Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall [** 1/4] DDP can still go! PAC -vs- Darby Allin [***] Grueling stuff. A really good TV bout. Not anything timeless about it, but it was effectively executed, showing the ruthless attitude of PAC, while at the same time showing the spirit of tiny Allin.1014.03.2020Sabu3167.01105.03.2020RyanLovesWrestlingYT8.01220.02.2020Hypocrisy7.0I really agree with this dynamite and that despite a day team consisting of a very old DDP, a very old Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall .... The crowd liked it and it wasn't too long and with the victorious fall with MJF everything was done right. Moxley vs. Guevara was then more exhausting than initially thought for Moxley; the subsequent beating by the Inner Circle was logical and the eye injury, at least in form, was quite surprising. Opener and mainer can then be watched well overall, only the Nightmare Collective is experiencing a debacle in the ring. That was once nothing and yet so tough and long ...1317.02.2020koalachate8.01405.02.2020Sandman8.0I was really entertained by the show. I found the segments okay so far. And then there was more than good wrestling in large parts. I really liked the opener. I like matches like that anyway and it was done very well here. Page really blossoms in the role and I really like it that way. The match is then also fun with a lot of chaos in and around the ring. The winners, of course, a bit surprising, but somehow also fitting. The women's tag team match obviously suffers from the fact that Brandi has to wrestle because Kong was not cleared. That pulls the match down because of course the Collective can't keep up with their opponents. Luther still doesn't need anyone. Hopefully Shida vs Statlander will eventually become a title feud. Moxley versus Guevara was solid and served the story well. That's the way it has to be. Moxley continues alone against the Circle. I also thought the Six Man Tag Team Match was pretty good. Page gets monster pop, does his few moves and the heels win in the end. This is exactly how you have to book it. The main event was a nice TV match. PAC and Allin give everything and PAC is really turning it up. Great match of the two. Great wrestling for a long time this week. It can carry on like this.1504.02.2020LatinoHeat937.0Significantly stronger dynamite series than the one from the previous week. The opener was good, nice sports festival but I missed the variety. the women's division remains completely below expectations. Guvearra vs Moxley with nice spots and tough action by Moxley was not as one-sided as I feared and the subsequent attack by the entire Inner Circle was more than consistent. At DDP In Ring Comeback, a lot of things have been done right: Put two partners at his side and limit his moveset to the minimum so that MJF & his team win was also important and right. The backstage segment with Hangman Page and SCU was really bizarre but also somehow entertaining And the ME was then one of the best matches at Dynamite here everything fit together the opponents, the story, the action-packed spots and the constant tempo rotation were what I missed at the opener (****) The end segment was then Typixh Moxley simple and grandiose so you have to book him.1602.02.2020telephon7.01702.02.2020marselfish6.0AEW christened Dynamite # 15 Bash at the Beach and focuses very much on the upcoming tasks and their main stories and that generally feels very relevant, but in terms of content I am still not completely picked up. The opener z. B. is just not my cup of tea (anymore). The Omega / Page story feels more constructed every time. Elite heel-turn against Page is currently the best option. Rest doesn't work for me. Joey's promo can be canceled and the performance of the Nightmare Collective is really bad. Moxley and Guevara provide a respectable preliminary program for a good segment. Also nice that Xzibit mentions that Jon has no friends backstage. OK then! Sit! The Six Man Tag Team Match is kind of bearable. The highlight of the show is the best dynamite match in the young AEW history. PAC and Allin do it really well and show everything I expect from a (very) good TV match. The conclusion is nice too, emphasizes Moxley's character well. All in all, the middle section is simply too poor to allow the show to go up in the ranking. Cody's promo is just difficult because I'm almost looking forward to the 10 lashes with his statements. Missed target.1801.02.2020Gist8.01927.01.2020Okaro1437.02027.01.2020stc139.02126.01.2020The Hitman7.02225.01.2020Seraphina Leaf9.02324.01.2020STban918.02422.01.2020TylerWhite8.02520.01.2020The Wrestling Historian6.0The opener was light and shadow (*** +). Cody with a good promo. Janela with a weak promo. The women's match was very weak (* ¼). What follows is a gruesome Dork Order video. Guevara / Moxley was solid (** ¾). Angle after that was okay. The 6 man day was solid too. Very good performance from MJF (** ¾)! Drunk Adam Page is kind of cool. Meanwhile, Omega comes across as inauthentic. The ME was good (*** ½). 6. 302619.01.2020Lexumaru8.02718.01.2020killyouridol7.02818.01.2020King1010.02917.01.2020Mahanx9.03017.01.2020Gameplayer10.03117.01.2020Sebastian V7.0As far as wrestling is concerned, it starts right away with my MOTN. I like the fact that this match is not just the standard AEW Spotfest with lots of actions and a good pace, but through things like the 8 spot or the involvement of Orange Cassidy, it becomes really something different and I think that mine is Implemented stipulation well too. The tag team match after that is not bad at all from a wrestling point of view and certainly better than what happened the week before, but Luther is still used questionably. Moxley against Guevara was certainly not a bad match with a simple but effective story, but what would happen to the Inner Circle in the end was predictable. The tag team match after that was okay but certainly not much more and the ME was then again a more than decent match, the story of which was not bad but also very stereotypical, what the two always do and did not go super deep for me . Otherwise I liked the thing with the dark order, which is generally not badly booked. With the promo of Cody you have to say that there have certainly been better ones, also because I'm not the greatest friend of throwing around "insider terms" like "Heel" but of course he had a lot of conviction and credibility in his words and also In terms of content, apart from what I was talking about, I found them to be not bad. All in all, there were things here and there that were not optimal, but overall it was a more than decent show in my opinion, which therefore deserves 7 points.3217.01.2020Robert Taylor8.0Again much stronger than in the previous week. 2 good matches, especially the main event that I liked. PAC is just great in its role. Moxley vs. Sammy and the 6 Man Tag Match were pretty good too. Only the women's match didn't give me that much, because Brandi is simply out of place in the ring and I still think the Nightmare Collective is funny. Otherwise there was a good segment with Moxley and the Inner Circle. However, the winners of the opener bothered me. The split is in sight, so I don't think the two have yet to get a title match.3317.01.2020Klabauter6.0Match was okay as such! Too much spot wrestling with sometimes annoying waiting, unfortunately that seems to be the AEW standard. BUT: I found the "Jackson tagging Omega instead of Page" scene completely overrated. Commentators interpret this one-sidedly, although there are also other points of view (Jackson tags the weaker one in his opinion because opponents!). Even Page, who is annoyed about it, incomprehensible, because his TEAM is in the match, what does it matter to him whether he or his PARTNER. I also don't like that a team of two singles wrestlers beat established teams and that you had to quickly turn the ranking down again. Overall just solid. // Cody segment was strong. What bothers me is Cody's Entrance. Does he really have to have the biggest entrance every week, even if he only has one promo? // Women's Tag Team Match was unfortunately pretty bad, which was due to the Nightmare Collective (Brandi Rhodes!). What I didn't really find logical is the harmony between Shida & Statlander, but Statlander has been systematically booked as an outsider / loner. // Like Dark Order! // Random Six Man Tag Team Match to incorporate DDP and I really don't need a Besoffski-Page. // # 1 Contender tournament is very nice. Matches were okay too. But here, too, the question arises, why a ranking if you book something anyway. Also a bit one-sided fixation on Moxley, although the champion is not (yet) # 1 Contender. // Overall: 6/103417.01.2020HudE8.03517.01.2020VGSO9.03617.01.2020TheDoubleDarkness8.03716.01.2020Briefcase7.03816.01.2020Morishima8.03916.01.2020Matt Macks8.0After last week's disappointing episode, this one was back to being an overall strong showing. The opener and the main event carried the show from a wrestling perspective and Cody cut a really good promo. Unfortunately, the women's tag team match was utterly embarrassing. Both Mel and Brandi Rhodes have no business being in the ring, the stuff they did looked really horrible and the crowd was dead for over ten minutes, which killed all of the momentum the show had after the opener and Cody's promo. I wanted to reserve my judgment for this angle, but the Nightmare Collective is a failure, pure and simple, and the faster they get away from ruining the momentum of Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida, the better. Let's get back to good women's wrestling, please. The Six Man Tag Team Match was carried mostly by MJF and Dustin. DDP looked great for a 64-year old man, but that's enough nostalgia for my liking. MJF is a star-in-the-making. The main event was great, seeing PAC manhandle Darby Allin for ten minutes was exactly what it should have been.4016.01.2020khalek10.04116.01.2020chris20388.0A good show but not AEW's greatest by any means. The opener and main event was the saving grace without a doubt. I felt the women's match was not up to par. Shida looked to be off her game both in terms of frankness and selling. Mel looked great, but not a fan of the Nightmare Collective gimmick - it hasn't really caught on likely due to the banal nature of it. Moxley and Guevara - the outcome was all too predictable, however the match delivered in the sense that Guevara makes for convincing competition against the top guys instead of a bump machine / jobber.4216.01.2020storkyknight7.0A couple of worrying trends brought this show down; more Bucks dominated synchronized flippy shit and a past it veteran putting finishers on top talent. The opening match had so many nice parts, mostly put on by Santana and Ortiz, who were brilliant. But the good wrestling was completely overshadowed by a ridiculous amount of unnatural moves, mostly put on by the Bucks. The women's tag was largely awful. Statlander is overexposed now and her mistakes multiply each week. Mel looked good, but was limited to monster heel striking attacks. Poor Brandi tried her best and her wedgies saved the match as Shida was unusually poor. Sammy Guevara was brilliant again against Moxley and put on some lovely fluid sequences. The surprise finish is a welcome addition to Moxley's moveset and harked back to his more technical past. The 6-man tag was a massive flop. DDP doing Diamond Cutters has no place on Dynamite is not needed to gain ratings. MJF must be let off the leash now, having him dodge ring time is pissing people off now and losing heat. The main event was a typical Darby match, very stop / start with moments of explosive brilliance. PAC was great. Overall, this week was short on promos, which has been a major strength so far, as a result the show seemed a bit disjointed and the only LOL moment came from MJF's t-shirt. But it was still very enjoyable and the time flew by as usual.4316.01.2020Nivv8.04416.01.2020HellYeah8.04516.01.2020the lego dave9.04616.01.2020Evan139.04716.01.2020Free of charge8.04816.01.2020Jacek200210.04916.01.2020Grissom8.05016.01.2020JulyTheCage876.0Two actual good wrestling matches at Dynamite! How long ago was that? Months? Since then, the best edition of Dynamite! Finally I'm halfway interested in what's going on at AEW. And for many, good wrestling is just the medium for being "invested", which AEW has only treated half-heartedly and neglected for months. Here we finally have ... wrestling again with the opener (*** 1/4) and the main event (*** 1/2). The other matches were either completely bad or unspectacularly average. The promos have always been at least solid over the past few months, and in this issue Cody makes sure that we can carefully label them with a "good" again.5116.01.2020Lexino739.05216.01.2020Void349.05316.01.2020WJA19898.05416.01.2020kaschi8.05516.01.2020wrestling fan199110.05616.01.2020ROH848.05716.01.2020Fblaggyx9.05816.01.2020Caas8.05916.01.2020HC78.06016.01.2020respect-wres10.06116.01.2020noodle box sharp10.06216.01.2020hunterp8.06316.01.2020sign squad5.0Funnier, thanks to Orange Cassidy and Rick Knoxx's perpetual companion, slightly annoying, opener with lots of moves and dizzy camera work. The usual hard break-in takes place on the roof. The doodling of women is simply not good, hardly bearable and, given the silence in the hall, not over. Mox vs. Sammy wasn't really great for me either, because too little happened here and the match lasted far too long for me. The mood immediately goes up when Jericho's music starts, but the beat-down is more blah blah and Mox obviously has no friends in AEW. I just hate that. Six Man Day first half nothing, second half OK. I really didn't need DDP in the ring, but as always, it's the oldie who's over because people know him. Unfortunate that the director almost completely missed the pinfall. Pac vs. Allin looks more like a squash. 11:46 minutes and Pac belong to 10:30. Sorry, that just doesn't rock me at all.6416.01.2020Vindicator199610.06516.01.2020RoderickStrongGuy10.0Amazing show. Opener was really great, Sammy vs. Mox was better than I expected, the whole Inner Circle and Mox thing was great. Jon Moxley gonna wrestle in the Cruise with an eye pad just like a freakin pirate! Also Main Event was really awesome and currently it's the greatest AEW match of 2020 for sure.6616.01.2020LabronBenoit9.06716.01.2020BongStroman9.06816.01.2020Mizzle Assault Ant9.0Really enjoyed this, especially the second half. Darby vs. PAC in particular is my favorite AEW match of the year so far, beating out Darby vs. Cody from two weeks ago. I also really enjoyed the six man tag match, DDP looked amazing considering his age and it was great to see him, while the right team went over and MJF was turning up the heeling to the max.Cody's promo was also great, interested in how they handle the build up from here. For once I thought the weakest part of the show was the women, they did ok but the Nightmare Collective stuff just doesn't do much for me. Moxley coming out with the bloody eye at the end was beautiful though, that's pro wrestling to me!