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Small instrument studies

An orchestra is a timbre box. Sometimes the music lives from the merging of colors, sometimes from a solo in the foreground, sometimes from the variety of registers. Musicians present their instruments here.

String instruments

The Violin

The violin (violin) is the highest instrument in the violin family. It got its shape in the 16th century. The four strings are tuned - from bottom to top - to the notes G-D-A-E.

The viola

The viola is slightly larger than the violin, is also held by the chin and sounds deeper. The high E string is missing, but the viola has a low C string.

The cello

The cello (short for violoncello) is the lower instrument of the violin family. The strings are tuned like on the viola - from bottom to top - to the notes C-G-D-A. In the baroque era there were also 5-string cellos.

The double bass

The double bass is the lowest string instrument in the orchestra. It has a different shape than the instruments of the violin family. The bass comes from the violas, i.e. from the viol family. Today double basses have four strings or five strings in an orchestra.

The Harp

Harps are among the oldest musical instruments known to man. The 47 strings of the concert harp are plucked with the fingers of both hands.

Percussion instruments


With Jens Hilse, Pauker from DSO Berlin

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