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Which video game character are you?

Which video game character are you? I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say the 90s spawned a wonderful number of video games! Do you still know what you loved to play? Zelda has always been my favorite. There are still far too many people who think that the guy with the little green hat is Zelda. Well, so as not to digress, as a child I always wanted to be Link and asked myself if I had what it takes. What was your favorite character? Find out with this quiz which video game character you are and then share your result with your friends! Have fun!

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Video games in the 90s

As I said above, the 90s produced great video games! Whether for the Playstation, N64, GameBoy ... there is something for everyone! I still remember how we gambled through the nights so that our mothers don't even notice. Secretly under the covers. Oh, those were great times. My favorite game is Zelda, where little Link has to save his girlfriend Zelda. But I still like to play Super Mario today. I think it's amazing how much the graphics have changed! Fortunately, the gameplay is almost the same! But we gamers know that it's not about the graphics or the console, but the content! And I think you can say that the old games were even better. Who needs FullHD, 3D and whatever when you're bored in front of the screen?