What do you no longer believe

Translation of "don't you believe" in English

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don't you think don't you believe you don't think


Ginsberg, do not you think to the advertising industry?
That could be very risky do not you think?
This city needs this do not you think?
It's a good story do not you think?
It's a little too conspicuous do not you think?
This is something special, do not you think?
But the evidence is getting clearer do not you think?
A little early for do not you think?
Ami, do not you thinkthat it's a waste of time? I prefer to stay at home and watch TV.
Ami, don't you think it's a waste of time to go to Pathshala? I would rather watch TV at home.
Yancy, do not you think, should we hunt this raccoon?
Harvey, do not you think, Kane will be looking for you now?
But do not you thinkthat you should see him at least once?
Diego, do not you think, you should respect your father's wish?
Diego, don't you think the wishes of your father, in this sort of matter, should be considered?
Darling, do not you thinkis that a little premature?
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