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Avocado Oil Or Coconut Oil: Which Is Better For The Skin?

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When it comes to healthy eating, the avocado is already a real star, but in the cosmetics sector, the no less popular coconut oil still has the upper hand. High time to let the two get into the ring against each other. It's showtime!

Coconut oil is not only indispensable in the kitchen, it is also regularly used in body care. Because of its firm consistency, it is particularly suitable for self-made cosmetics or is used pure and unmixed in skin care. The superfruit avocado is known as a real nutrient bomb when it comes to nutrition, but its oil has not yet made a real name for itself in the do-it-yourself scene. Wrongly? Wait.

Clear the ring for the beauty showdown between avocado and coconut oil!

Round 1: hair

Coconut oil contains valuable minerals and fatty acids, including lauric acid. This has an antibacterial effect, protects against hair loss and can ensure that the hair grows faster. Another big plus is its ability to lock in the moisture in the hair, so to speak, by wrapping itself around each individual hair like a film. On the one hand, it cares for the scalp and also gives dry hair its shine back. So a clear victory for coconut oil? Not so fast.

The Avocado oil has almost the same positive properties. It has a moisturizing effect on the scalp, prevents the hair from drying out and gives it a silky shine. Dry tips in particular will be happy if you treat them with avocado oil. Simply rub a little oil between the palms of your hands and gently knead into the ends of your hair.

Result: a tie! As far as hair care is concerned, the two super oils don’t take anything.

Round 2: skin

The moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects of Coconut oil it is predestined for use as a moisturizing cream or for treating skin problems. It doesn't have to be an expensive cream, it can also be used pure for skin care.

Here, too, there is no need for a “finished” cosmetic product. Suffice it to simply cover the skin with that Avocado oil rub in. Thanks to its valuable fats, it also supplies very dry skin with the necessary moisture and protects it from harmful external influences. Although it is very fatty, it is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin incredibly soft and supple.

Result: point for the avocado! In direct comparison, the skin is a little softer thanks to its oil ...

Round 3: shave

Yes, it sounds a bit strange at first: oil for shaving? But it works - at least in theory. The Coconut oil Instead of shaving foam, apply it to the skin, massage in a little and then shave as normal. Best after showering, when the skin is soft and elastic. The advantage: because of the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the oil, there is no razor burn. The downside: it can stick together the blades of the razor.

The same goes for Avocado oil. This makes application a little more complicated because it is liquid, which makes it difficult to distribute evenly. The big advantage here is the moisturizing effect.

Result: a tie! Both oils are equally good or bad for shaving.

Round 4: lip care

The great active ingredients of our counterparties are now known, this point is particularly about the applicability. Thanks to its firm consistency, it can be Coconut oil simply spread on the lips and is also suitable to take away. That the liquid Avocado oil not so easy to apply to the lips is obvious. It works with a cotton pad or something similar, but it becomes much more difficult on the go.

Result: Point for the coconut oil! Clearly, coconut oil is the perfect natural lip care product.

Round 5: cuticles

When it comes to cuticle care, too, the two oils don't take much advantage of each other. The Coconut oil is easy to apply with your fingers. At the Avocado oil either a cotton swab is used - or you simply put your hand directly into the oil. With the latter in particular, the result is radiantly beautiful and incredibly supple fingers and nails.

Result: The avocado scores again!

Round 6: Make-up removal

Here, too, skepticism is quite normal. Who would like to have oil on their face? But it's definitely worth a try. Because the advantages of our two super oils are now well known and their effectiveness for removing make-up is not to be despised! The differences are again in the consistency and application: Coconut oil is used selectively on a cotton pad to remove make-up, the Avocado oil covers the whole face. What stays the same is the oily feeling afterwards.

Result: tie again! Removing make-up with oil is a matter of taste. If you like it, you can simply use coconut and avocado alternately.

Round 7: Anti-Aging

Coconut oil is a natural antiaging agent. Just like with the hair, it also forms a protective film on the skin that protects it from harmful environmental influences. Because it is absorbed well, it quickly penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and strengthens the tissue. The Avocado oil has very similar properties. It refines coarse skin pores and gives the skin more elasticity and vitality, which is ensured by the biotin it contains. This way, wrinkles disappear naturally with prolonged use. The special tip: Avocado oil also reliably helps against bags under the eyes and crow's feet - and that overnight. Simply apply a small amount below the eyes in the evening and looking in the mirror the next morning is a pleasure.

Result: third point for the avocado oil! Vanity wins, the nocturnal effect for alert eyes is convincing.

Bottom line: Avocado 3 - Coconut Oil 1 (and 3 draws)

And the winner is ... Avocado oil! The avocado can also convince outside the kitchen and is a great alternative for natural do-it-yourself cosmetics. But that doesn't mean that coconut oil is now obsolete! Both oils are valuable natural products and have very similar properties that do not take anything away from each other, but rather complement each other. Because through the so-called "sliding rail effect", avocado oil can take other active ingredients deep into the skin and thus significantly improve their effectiveness. Both coconut and avocado oil should not be missing in the kitchen or in the bathroom! Continue reading…

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