How can I improve my tennis volleys

A little guide to improving your volley

You would like to play more volley.


Zero control.

You basically don't know what's going to happen.

When it comes to the team games in the direction of doubles, you already dread. You don't know exactly where to position yourself in doubles on the net. You don't know where to play your volleys.

The only thing you know is: You can't volley.

Stefan Edberg was the prime example of a great volley. Unfortunately, you can't just copy it for yourself. But the Swede had elements in his volleyball game that you can take over for yourself.

The biggest mistakes you can make in volleyball

We can directly enumerate the biggest mistakes in volleyball. We'll fix these errors later in this article.

You have to know that your route to the network is an important factor. Don't run too fast forward and always keep an eye on your opponent. You have to be ready for the volley when the ball is with you. If you are still in the middle of your running movement, then you run through the volley.

What happens then?

You have no feeling for this punch, which requires so much feeling.

You can make the following mistakes while playing volley:

  • Choose the wrong grip position
  • Don't look at the ball
  • Play the volley too well placed
  • Back too far (or back at all)

The volley is a difficult shot.

Because it is played differently than many other strokes in tennis. The volley is not hit, but pushed. A first big mistake made by many tennis players. If the volley is hit, you lose control and the ball will probably go far out of bounds.


Step 1: Hit the volley, don't hit

There is no classic back-up movement in volleyball. Avoid them.

If you are really a disastrous volleyball player, cancel the back swing completely when you are on the net. Don't go back a bit. Don't take the bat back a bit. For you, it's just about pushing the ball and getting a feel for the volleyball game.

This is the most important factor in volley: Feeling!

If we are catastrophic volleyball players, we cannot ask ourselves to play Roger Federer a la Roger Federer the next time a half volley is attacked in the net. This is guaranteed not to work. Even if you wish it in your dreams πŸ˜‰

We need to get a feel for this extremely complicated blow. We have to learn what happens when we do this or that.

What happens if we just hit the ball now? What if we hit the ball? What happens if we use a different grip position?

At the beginning, your focus must be on stability in the wrist and forearm as the basis for the volley.

Just try out all of these variations for yourself just for fun. This way you get a much better feeling for your volley.

Be it forehand or backhand volley.

Step 2: The correct grip position when volleyball

With the forehand grip you will not play a volley in the field. The lighter grip is the backhandle. But you can also simply grab your racket from above. So you have a neutral grip. With this the way to the volley god will be easier for you πŸ˜‰

As far as the grip is concerned, you have to adjust the little things yourself. Over time you will notice which grip you feel most comfortable with, which grip you have the most control. First of all, a backhand or neutral grip is important for you. So you can find out for yourself, through training and lots of volleys, what is best for you.

Just imagine you would grab your racket by the handle from above.

Step 3: don't be too wild

You hit a good attack ball, then run like a wild zombie to the net and hit (pardon, press) the volley with everything you have three meters behind the baseline.

Why is that? What are you doing wrong

The "zombie mode" just mentioned is not so bad at all. You have to go online quickly. But not too uncontrolled and unprepared. That robs you of the opportunity to play a decent volley in advance.

Go after your attack ball. Follow him stupidly. If you see that your opponent is swinging back and is about to hit the ball, take a split step, a readiness jump. I am sure you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

From the split step you have to leave the "zombie mode" immediately and concentrate on pressing the volley. Focus the ball from your ready jump.

Remember the rules:

  • Don't go backwards
  • Just push
  • Neutral grip or backhandle

These three relatively easy rules should accompany you on your first path to becoming a volley god. It is your start. Next time, train by these rules. Keep them in mind. Write them down for you. Just keep them in mind somehow.

Especially if you come back to the network like a zombie in a few days πŸ˜‰

Marco KΓΌhn
Marco is a mental trainer & former youth rankings player. He writes for Having grown up on the tennis court, he now helps tennis players to realize their individual potential.

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