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TV tip: One of the greatest action films of all time is running today (and the lousy sequel is coming soon)

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As simple as it is ingenious: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves drive a fully occupied bus through the rush hour traffic in Los Angeles - and are never allowed to drive slower than 50 miles / hour, otherwise a bomb will go off.

With “Speed”, the trained cameraman Jan de Bont managed a mercilessly exciting thriller with his directorial debut in 1994 - and one of the 15 best action films of all time! The Dutchman then took over the direction of four other films - but "Speed ​​2", "Das Geisterschloss", "Twister" and "Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2" couldn't even begin to match the quality of "Speed".

As a director, Jan de Bont remained a one-hit wonder - but what a one!

Our detailed film review of "Speed"

“Speed” benefits from a terrific plot idea - in addition there are two perfectly harmonizing stars, the consistently phenomenal camera work and Dennis Hopper, a famously fatalistic villain! (The opposite of this strong performance was shown by the "Easy Rider" icon a year later at the side of Kevin Costner in "Waterworld".)

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"Speed ​​2" was a crazy idea from the start

At the meeting in which it was decided at the time that the sequel “Speed ​​2” should play on a cruise ship, they would really have loved to play little mouse.

The only logical explanation of how, as a Hollywood producer, with the title "Speed", of all things, one comes across a cruise liner chugging along the ocean? A lot of alcohol!

Our detailed film review of "Speed ​​2"

“Speed ​​2” (from 10.40 p.m. on Kabel 1) was shown in cinemas in the same year as “Titanic”. But even that is no explanation for the low-tension setting of the sequel - after all, the mega success of James Cameron's tragic catastrophe romance could not be foreseen at the time when the fundamental decisions for "Speed ​​2" were made.

Keanu Reeves obviously has no fundamental problem with sequels - after all, he has already starred in "Bill and Ted's Crazy Journey into the Future", "Matrix: Reloaded" and "John Wick 2". But he will have already known at the time why he turned his back on the generously budgeted “Speed” continuation. It just couldn't work - Willem Dafoe as a cruise psycho (see cover picture of this article) can crank it up no matter how much ...