Is it too late to do sports?

Sports at night Sensible or nonsense?

The chronobiologist Dr. Jan-Dirk Fauteck: “Basically it doesn't matter to do sports at night. However, it is advisable to give preference to light endurance sports. Then the little physical exertion can even act like a sleep aid. ”After all, muscle relaxation after an exertion also frees the thoughts of ballast - and thus ensures a clear head better than three beers in front of the television. High-intensity strength training at night has the opposite effect. “The body is stimulated here, it does not come to rest. Sleep disorders can be the result, ”explains Dr. Fauteck.

According to Fauteck, the morning hours are more suitable for hard strength or fitness training, because at least men have a higher testosterone content in this phase. On the other hand, the early evening is the best time for stress-relieving endurance sports. But basically not everyone is made to be in top physical form in the evening or late at night. After all, it has been scientifically proven that some people are at their best in the morning, while others only perform at their best at a later hour. Science likes to describe the different types of activity as larks and owls, based on the animal world. Around 10 to 15 percent of people are more likely to be assigned to the early active larks, around 20 percent to the nocturnal owls.