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Don't you love products that do wonders for your skin or nails? I feel very blessed when I start using a product and show results far better than expected within a few days. I have suffered from bad hair loss for two years. My hair became so thin that I had to chop off my long locks to my shoulder. In addition, my hair became dry, rough, and lifeless; In addition, the dandruff problem made the situation worse. I have tried many expensive shampoos, serums, and masks that were available in the market. And when it all failed, I decided to pay my dermatologist a visit. He recommended this serum together with minoxidyl solution, anti-dandruff shampoo 8X and some vitamin B7 tablet. He promised that if I used it regularly for 3 months, my problems would be solved. This product was suggested by him today and has helped my hair a lot. Read on to know how it works. Please also consult your doctor or dermatologist before using this serum.

Price: 1250 INR for 60 ml.Main Ingredients: Capixyl, Anagain and Hexaplant judgesProduct details: Minimizes hair loss, stimulates growth, moisturizes hair, excellent safety profile, convenient to use.

My experience with Glenmark Bontress hair serum:

The product is packed in a box with all the ingredients and instructions for use. Inside the box you will find a plastic bottle that contains the product, a spray applicator and a booklet. So you basically have to break the seal on the bottle and fit inside the applicator. The plastic bottle is not very heavy. The pump is covered with a transparent plastic cap that closes with a click so you can take it with you wherever you go. The pump works fine too. Before throwing away the booklet, please go through the instructions. There are a few things that you need to follow to get the best result.

This is a completely transparent, water-based serum. When it is pumped out, a small amount of foam can sometimes be seen. The product is absolutely light. It's not oily or sticky. It might feel a little heavy. You can apply it and go to work without worry. However, since it is applied to the scalp every day, the scalp will feel a little dirty after 2-3 days. It's easy to manage if you shampoo your hair twice a week. It has a very mild, sweet scent that lasts for a long time. It's too mild to cause a headache.

This is one of the best hair products I've ever used. Within a week, I saw a drastic reduction in hair fall. It was like 500 strands the day before and then it went down to 30. The hair felt totally soft. I mentioned how rough and lifeless my hair used to be, but now it's shiny and silky again. Even the ends feel smooth and soft. This product needs to be applied to the scalp rather than all of the hair, so it will likely nourish the roots and follicles, making the hair healthier and softer. Also, both Minoxidyl and 8X Shampoo are known for making hair rough and scalp dry, but I didn't have any issues as I used this serum with them. I asked my mom to check and she noticed several new baby hairs on my scalp. Overall, this serum is a savior when you are stressed out about hair loss.

One important fact to note is that I use this serum along with another hair product and two supplements to watch out for hair loss, but I am sure that if someone used just this to treat hair loss, even then, good results would be seen .

Benefits of Glenmark Bontress Hair Serum:

  • Extremely light.
  • Easy to use.
  • The scent is amazing.
  • Moisturizes the scalp without making it greasy.
  • Reduces hair loss.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Makes the hair soft and silky.

Cons of Glenmark Bontress Hair Serum:

  • Very expensive.
  • Lots of chemicals so not a good idea to use long term I think.

IMBB rating: 4.5/5Would I buy back / recommend Glenmark Bontress Hair Serum? It is a miracle product. If you have severe hair loss it is a product to try, but I think you should consult a dermatologist or at least your family doctor before using it. I am not going to use it after I finish my 3 month course.

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