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Properties of nomenclature in a retail store. Accounting information. Create a new nomenclature position

The structured, streamlined reference book of nomenclature is an important task to be solved in the first setup phase of 1C: Enterprise. This article deals with the configuration of one such important parameter in 1c: trade management as a feature of nomenclature. This parameter describes the additional properties of the goods and for which the program maintains a quantitative account. This is the main difference from "Properties". For example, if you sell shoes, the properties will set the size of the shoes. Then you know exactly how much steam and what size is left in stock. Think about the whole scheme of accounting for the nomenclature, is better in the initial stages of implementation.

First of all, the "Nomenclature characteristics" parameter must be activated. First, check that this setting is installed for the entire program. It is necessary to create it in the settings of the accounting parameter: "Service" - "Account setup" - "Setting the accounting parameters". If the feature is not planned, the DAW should be removed. Now open some position in the directory. Find a place and install the appropriate check mark, "Keep records of adding. Properties." When you deploy it, the "Specifications" tab is added to the table. We will work with her.

For example, let's configure the properties for points. All the points they are known to: diopter (d) and size between pupils - (rc).

Click on "Add" and first enter our properties as shown in the picture.

After that we can open the object of the feature plan called "Properties of Objects", on the "Manual" -Manual "Nomenclature Features" "on the right, open the previously introduced properties.

Double-click the first line, open the property item. On the Properties tab, add a nomenclature group that the program will associate the value with. If this does not do any characteristics, is displayed for all groups.

We turn to the Property Values ​​tab and add any missing values. We also do the same with the second feature. The manufacture of properties thereof is carried out. Now when you fill out the receipt document, you can select the properties you want. The program remembers and takes into account the number of precisely this product that must be taken into account.

I hope you happened If not, I'll be happy to help!

Whatever area you work in, you may need to write a feature at all times. For this it is not necessary to be a professional psychologist, but observation and impartiality are necessary. Good characteristic It is always based on the facts, has a logical structure and created taking into account the objectives of the request. Think about how to correctly write a function.

Characteristic, like any official document, has a clear structure. Although it has not made uniform requirements for the legislation, there is a mandatory list of elements that must be indicated in the document. So every official report includes a cap, the body, the date and the signature. The CAP features contain the name, the outgoing number, and the date of compilation. This includes data on the accounting staff: the name of the company or other institution that created the characteristics of the body, the legal address, the contact details.

Furthermore, the name of the document is written "characteristic" in the middle and describes the information about the person. The content of this article varies significantly in different situations and depends on the purpose of the document of the document. Thus, the trait of the applicant when accepting a job should anticipate his potential as a future employee and the leadership should understand how well the candidate is fulfilling the duties assigned to him. But, for example, the service of guardianship and guardianship will interest the actual characteristics of the parent and his attitude towards the child, the stability of the psyche, the absence or presence of precedents of past violence, etc. The following data, called as a questionnaire, is provided when you need to write a position: full name, date of birth, marital status, education, occupied position, etc.

Finally, as always, the author of the document is indicated by his name, name, name and PatronyMic, sets the signature and the printing. In some cases, not only is the compiler signed here, but the director as well.

The employee has an internal and an external characteristic. Internally it is created manually and remains in the company. This quality may be required when hiring a valid employee for work, when appointing a valid employee to another position, when making a decision about recreational or promoting measures, etc., etc. The external characteristics are written on request, the one judicial instance that can be submitted to guardianship and guardianship authorities, banking and educational institutions others. The attribute can be asked to create itself for its own purposes, e.g. for admission to university. Before writing a role, try to look at the person you are not pre-hiring and leave a personal review. Describe their quality, life path, successes and negative actions depending on the traits desired. Sometimes a person can be asked to write a description of themselves. To give it to the head or to request organizations, of course, it is not worth it. This short essay will help you evaluate the person who evaluates himself dickered, it is better to understand his values ​​and how he perceives himself. It will help you make a forecast of what to expect from him in the future.

You can download it from our website.

In order to add new characteristics to the 1C nomenclature or to keep records according to the characteristics on the online store website, it is required:

  • settings in the section set " administration" - "Settings nomenclature.";
  • create a new type of nomenclature (or change the stream);
  • create new properties 1c to the product;

Management of 1c nomenclature

To take into account in context the characteristics were available, go to "administrative" section - "nomenclature settings". Opposite the fields "Characteristics of the nomenclature" and "Adding individual characteristics of the nomenclature" Check the ticks.

To create a new type of nomenclature with the settings for accounting under the characteristics, go to the section " Regulatory background" - "Settings and reference books". In the list of types of nomenclature, click the" button Create". The form opens to create a new value for the nomenclature. In the field" Surname"Enter the necessary name of the nomenclature. Before the character string" Use properties"Tick and select in the right field" Individual for nomenclature."Next Click" Record and close".


Establishing the characteristics of the nomenclature 1c

After that, go to the list of 1c nomenclature and open the card with the goods. To change the product nomenclature and add features, click " All actions" - "Allow editing of object details". The window will open to confirm - click" Allow editing". On the Product tab" accounting", before the string" View the nomenclatureSelect the created view of the nomenclature. Next click " Record and close".

Note. This is necessary to create the tab in the card with the goods. Properties of the nomenclature.".

Open the card again with the goods. The field is displayed in the list " Properties of the nomenclature."Navigate to it. You can add new features in this window. To do this, click the" button Create". Window opens Registration of a new feature wizardFor example, enter ". In the Working Name field, for example" Size 52."Next Click" Create". Click the Add tab and click" Record and close".

When transferring a product from the 1C nomenclature to the nomenclature of the site in the card with the goods, a field will be available " Size 52."As characteristic.

The characteristics 1c are necessary to keep the accounting of goods in a warehouse in connection with the characteristics.

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According to the rules, the writing of the characteristics of an employee or student should be carried out by authorization organizations, an educational institution. Often, however, a person is invited to create a characteristic on themselves. How is it in all the rules, our article will tell.

The rules for registering features

A document is drawn up in the form of an organization, educational institution, company or simply on a pure white sheet of A4 format when it comes to the characteristic of the horses of the entrance, for example. By the way, the rules for their preparation can be found in the article.

The document must be neat, free of blots and corrections, spelling and punctuation errors. Request the authorized officials of the institution or company with signatures and seals.

It is necessary to write as briefly as possible in the name of the characteristic, but in this case it also makes sense and, of course, objectively - otherwise you just do not sign it. Try to put the text in half of the A4 sheet.

Structural features

Like any other document, the feature requires competent compilation. There are no strict rules in design, however the basic principles still have:

  • Header. It contains the name of the document - the word "characteristic" is written in capital letters in the middle of the sheet.
  • Ankrug The first paragraph of the trait, in which the name is prescribed, on which the trait is created, a year of birth, education and social status or position (for example, a university student, a student of the Lyceum, a lawyer, attorney, director of marketing, etc.).
  • Description of work / educational activities. Here it is necessary in what year and position the employee was accepted (if the work characteristic was drawn up) or in what year the student entered school / university (if the characteristic is on a student / Student is required). Also, if the employee has been translated from the office, please do so by stating the reasons. Defend a few suggestions earned through work or training, or, on the contrary, the disadvantages of the employee / student. In the case of instructions / awards during work / studies, some significant projects are implemented, but also worth mentioning here.
  • Evaluation of business and human qualities. In this part one should note the trait of how hard-working and professional is resistant to stress, insofar as it gets on well with the team, whether it is punished, whether it is the lively traits of the character that help or impair it significantly in the work / to study.
  • Conclusion. This part can contain certain recommendations from the institution. For example: "Ivanov I. I. has all the necessary professional and personal qualities, experience to hold the position of the head of the legal department." Or: "A student from Petrov PP requires the development of an individual training program for him, which would take into account the health of the student and the characteristics of the perception of information. For the implementation training course, it is recommended to choose the form of training at home." Am At the end the sentence is written: "The features are offered instead of the claims." Then indicate the document of preparation of the document and leave a place to sign the head of the organization who granted the characteristic.

Types of properties.

Specifications There are several:

  • training;
  • household;
  • for the military registration and registration office;
  • for the traffic police;
  • from the workplace, etc.

In addition, there are internal and external properties. In either case, you may be offered to write on behalf of yourself. However, if we are talking about an important case (for example, if the document is required by the court), it is better to identify the support of professionals.

  • The internal characteristics is created to solve all internal workers, educational, domestic issues in the organization, educational institution, residential or garage cooperative, etc. For example, it may be required when the employee has decided to upgrade or downgrade to reassign qualifications to them, trust well, a complex project, etc.
  • The external characteristics are created at the request of third parties - banks (when issuing a large loan), military registration and accounting offices, management of a new job - guardianship and guardianship bodies (for example, when considering the case of disadvantage of the parental rights) etc.

As examples, you can explore these property patterns. But to make a document for yourself, it is better to make it unique, in something different from others. Don't want your trait to be exactly the same as half of the company's new hires?

Under the nomenclature in 1c 8.3, materials, semi-finished products, equipment, services, return packaging, overalls, etc. All these data are stored in the "NOMENCLATURA" manual. You can enter from the "Directories" section, subsection "Goods and services", "Nomenclature" article

You will find a list of reference positions that have a multilevel hierarchical structure.

In this article we will turn on all the instructions for initial filling nomenclature in 1c 8.3 in the example

Groups (folders) are used to simplify this directory in 1c accounting. They combine a nomenclature that has common functions. In each group the creation of subgroups (analogy with the file system on the computer). The number of hierarchy mirrors is specified by the programmer, but restrictions are not initially provided.

Create new group. In the form of a list of "Nomenclature" reference book, click the "Create group" button.

Enter the name of the group you created. You can fill it in, but not necessarily.

As you can see in the image below, the group we created fits into the "Materials". If it is necessary to move it to another group or root, open the context menu and select "Move to Group". A window opens where you have to enter a new location.

Create a new nomenclature position

Let's turn to adding the nomenclature itself. To do this, click the "Create" button in the form of a reference list. They open up a new nomenclature card.

Fill out the "Name" field. The value in the "Full Name" field is set automatically. Please note that the full name will be shown in the reports. Printed forms, documents, price tags, etc. The "Name" field is used to search for the nomenclature in the program.

If necessary, fill in other details:

  • The fields "The view of the nomenclature" and "penetrates the group" are automatically filled by this group, in which a new nomenclature position is created. They can be changed if necessary.
  • The value in the "Unit" field is a unit of storage for remnants of this nomenclature.
  • The tax rate given in the details of the "% VAT" If it is specified, changes can already be made in the creation of documents.
  • The "sales price" is by default in the sales documents. Can I change this setting by clicking the hyperlink? "Next to this field.
  • In the "Production" section, you can indicate the cost of this nomenclature position, as well as its specification (for finished products), just speak the composition.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the nomenclature, the remaining sections are filled in, such as "alcohol products" and "imported goods".

After filling out the card created by the nomenclature, it is necessary to include it.

What is the type of nomenclature in 1c 8.3 and how to configure it

To configure the types of nomenclature, click in the form of a list of the "Nomenclature Index" on the corresponding hyperlink on the corresponding hyperlink.

The nomenclature types are necessary for the separation of nomenclature positions. Any guy you can ask you. It is very important to avoid the existence of a duplicate in this directory, which can lead to incorrect operation of the accounting accounts of the nomenclature.

When installing a typical configuration from the supplier, this reference is already filled with the main types of the nomenclature. If the view of nomenclature is a service, don't forget to set the appropriate flag when creating the appropriate flag.

Accounting accounts of the nomenclature in 1c 8.3

To form accounting wiring, you need to configure account accounts. This can be done from the list of the list of the manual "Nomenclature" by clicking on the hyperlink of the accounting accounts of the nomenclature.

This register is already filled in the standard configuration of 1c Accounting 3.0. But if necessary, it can be adjusted manually.

Accounting accounts can be configured:

  • on a specific nomenclature position;
  • on the nomenclature group;
  • by type of nomenclature;
  • in a warehouse;
  • by the nature of the camp;
  • on the organization;
  • An empty link across the entire nomenclature that attracts as value as value.

If different accounting accounts have been configured for a certain nomenclature, the account is taken from the nomenclature. In such cases, the enlarged accounts have a lower priority.

Set prices. nomenclature

A nomenclature can have several prices. They differ in types, for example, wholesale price, retail price, etc.

Go to the manual of the directory "Nomenclature" and go to the "Prices" hyperlink.

They open a list in which a certain type is possible on a certain date. It is sufficient to indicate the price in the appropriate column and then click on the "PRODACT PRICE" button. The nomenclature price installation document will be generated automatically and you will see a link to it in this list.

See also the video about the nomenclature: